Monday, October 16, 2017

Chromatic Soup 02

Chromatic Soup 02 edited & assembled by Brian Richmond:

I have a minor role in this one because at the time I was too busy with a big commission so Brian took the helm and piloted this issue. He made a very good soup and I contributed a dozen illustration to the potage.

"A second helping of Chromatic Soup, this time with an Applachian Autumnal Americana vibe. Designed for use with OSR rulings, specifically Labyrinth Lord, but easily converted to any system of note you might be using. Within: The Hobo, a character class of wandering wastrels. An alternative Halfling culture built around rousing the hue-and-cry. Tragic cicada-men who will succumb to bestial instincts in time. Crystalline serpents, a town of wandering miscreants, and devils who fell their way to earth and are looking to make a deal. Additionally; a gaggle of random generator charts for food, soups (pocket and otherwise), mementos of a previous life lived, strange deals, and a good many random encounters fleshed out to give a sense of place while wandering this western autumnal wilderlands."

You can also check out the free pdf version: - Chromatic Soup 02 PDF - With Cover.pdf

Many thanks to everybody who contributed, especially Brian who saved this issue. :)

I will be back at the helm for issue 03 but I dont know yet when I will re-open the kitchen.

Brian made some links between issue 02 and the first one, so maybe we will assume this and continue to explore the setting that is emerging to flesh out the lands of the north in Soup 03.

Oh and also Soup 02 is a super good setting to run the Spinetooth Oasis.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Working on the first set of paper minis.

I have started assembling the first set of paper minis.
It should be availlable maybe next week if everything go well. 

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Work in progress: Chromatic Soup #02

We are working on the second issue of Chromatic Soup, piloted by Brian R. 

This issue will explore a Americana fantasy western where adventurers are mainly hobos, halflings and insect people. 

If everything go well, it will be probably available near the end of October. 

Friday, October 6, 2017

Keepers of the Gauntlet Scenario Writing Contest

Hey I am a judge for the Keepers of the Gauntlet Scenario Writing Contest.

The Gauntlet have been supporting me recently by commissioning me illustrations for their CODEX.

The illustrations have been fun to draw and being paid for my work is always welcomed.

One of the 200 words RPG

Necromancers Convention Play Set

Death is the New Pink sketchbook drawings

Some random drawings I made from my sketchbook inspired by Death is the New Pink.
Jelly Walker, First of Furry Puppies Nany and Trailer Park Axe Puppies.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Work in progress pocket dimension, part 2

I completed the hex map of my pocket dimension and started writing descriptors.
But I did not give myself much space to write. 

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Succulents Shop

On my street there is a retired adventurer who opened a shop after visiting the Spinetooth Oasis
She serve super good spiced purple tea and sell quality home made adventurer gear. 

Some of the succulents move at nigh. 

Odd stuff to buy:
  • Bottled voice from the sandstone crevasse
  • Desert maps sketched from a standing stone
  • Pilgrim scarf linked to a random pilgrim ritual
  • Nasty snake wine
  • Purple slug slime of lightning protection 
  • Purple grass weaved dress and sandals 
  • Rainbow bug shell jewelry (with a small container to store a dose of poison)
  • Blessed dried flower of the cactus mother
  • Bone flute from the bone graveyard (can get a reaction roll with vultures) 
  • Night sand that glimmer when elementals are nearby (it remember their touch) 
  • Pale cactus tears (to get mild hallucinations) 
  • Anti poison poultice (help to save vs poison, can grant a second save)  
  • Anti drowning charm (make evil water spirits hesitate) 
  • One random treasure from the oasis
  • One random succulent spider seed

Encounter near the shop (d10) (and hooks towards the Spinetooth Oasis) 
  1. Small succulent spiders move around.
  2. Pixie bounty hunter is tracking someone who headed toward the Oasis. (could be Bounty Hunter Killi tracking pixie criminal Pallara).
  3. Owl cultist is secretly looking for something.
  4. Reebo's agent is trying to cut a black market deal for Reebo. 
  5. A bad mouthed runaway girl is thinking of joining the Sisters of Filth. 
  6. A small group of sun pilgrims want to join the main pilgrim caravan.
  7. Desert nomad halflings want to visit their purple weaver relatives.
  8. Somebody is mysteriously found drowned. 
  9. New or retired adventurer visit the shop.  
  10. Succulent mimic in disguise observe the shop and may communicate with the succulents.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

First time in the Metro!

Yesterday I had to take the metro for the first time in "girl mode" to meet with some of my friends in a bar (Le Cheval Blanc).

I was super nervous but everything went well.

Walking outside at night now feel pretty natural and kind of normal.

But being in the metro made me feel quite uncomfortable, I felt super exposed standing still under the neon lights. Nothing bad happened but still it was not easy. But once I was outside I was super proud of myself for this little accomplishment.

I realize how much people are trained to not look around them or at other people (their phone helping for this).

My night in the bar was also my first time as myself in a public space. I was a bit nervous when I entered but once I meet my friends, I easily felt at ease. So a other tiny accomplishment! :)

This evening was super encouraging. But I also realized that I need to spend a lot more of money on clothing, makeup, etc and other transition stuff. But hey one step at a time. 

I am thinking of opening a new blog to talk about my more personal stuff. To keep the Chaudron focused on gaming art. But I will see...