Thursday, April 16, 2020

Space Scavengers

Last week I was reading back some old notes for a Rogue Trader campaign about squads of misfit space scavengers who delve into spacehulks.

I thought of running a Play by Post campaign on Discord but after a running a playtest combat I had to admit that Rogue Trader is too laborious to play by text.

Anyway, here are the tables I automated, maybe someone can find useful or inspiring.

LOST WORLD generator
I wanted to generate a world cut off from the Imperium so that we could get more creative with our setting.

The group would had started with a randomly generated spaceship

Each player would have played a squad of 3 space scavengers.

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Callmesalticidae said...


And now I have to resist the urge to convert my upcoming dungeon-delving game to a dungeon-delving game...IN SPACE. >:P