Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The Cosmic Worm Blade

Damage: as bastard sword +1
Special: +1d4 dmg VS fleshy and rotting undeads.
Once by level you can summon the Cosmic Worm Maiden.

When summoned the maiden imbue the character with her cosmic essence for the duration of a combat. 

When under the influence of the maiden the character is transfigured and take the maiden form and receive:
  • AC as unarmored (the equipment of the character vanish while transfigured).
  • The maiden form can use the worm blade like a dancing sword.
  • The character gain turn undead and speak with worms.
  •  Two cosmic worms (stats as displacer beasts) protect the maiden with their displacing power. The worms can not attack while transferring their displacing effect to the maiden. Each round they must choose if they attack or apply their displacing effect. 
  • Foes slain by her blade can not be re-animated or raised.

 After the combat the character must make a reaction test. 
(bonus for neutral alignment and charisma, penalty for losing the fight or for acting against the cosmic balance)
  • On a good result the maiden can answer one question before leaving. 
  • On a negative result she may inflict a mutations linked to her nature and appearence.
The maiden is a agent of the cosmic balance.