Saturday, April 25, 2020

Hen character class

This hen started her career as a walking ration for a level 0 funnel character, her owner was exposed to some magical energies and did not survive the funnel but the hen did and she leveled up at the end!

HD: d6
To hit: as fighter
Saves: as fighter
XP: as fighter
Weapons: beak helmets and talons attachments.
Armor: any except shields


Growing larger
As the hen level up and gain more HD she grow larger.
LV 1: beak and talons damage do 1 dmg (chicken size)
LV 3: beak and talons damage step to 1d4 (large dog size)
LV 5: beak and talons damage step to 1d6 (ostrich size)
LV 7: beak and talons damage step to 1d8 (chocobo size)
LV 9: beak and talons damage step to 1d10 (terror bird size)
Beak helmet or talons attachments step up the damage die by one size.

Limited flight 
The hen can use her limited flight and talons to easily climb on nearly anything by making a DEX test at +2.  

While wearing non metal armor the hen can float on water like a duck. 

Lay magical eggs
Once per session the hen can lay a egg that have the effect of a random magical potion. To lay the egg the hen must rest while her hp are full. The magical properties of the egg only work if the hen gift the egg to someone.


Goblinist said...

This is ridiculous.
I love it.

Pulpatooner said...

I love it!

Гавински said...

Imagine surviving a funnel not as a humanoid, but an animal!

Gordon Cooper said...

I know some players who would try this. :-)