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Chromatic Soup 03: Structuring the means of escape.

I think that I need to structure more how the means of escape of the world are presented to make Chromatic Soup 03 more gameable.

I am thinking of adding to each entries:
  • What is happening when the group arrive?
  • What is happening when people escape to astral plains? 
  • How the caravan form in the astral plains?
  • Who accompany the caravan? (who are helpful, who cause trouble) 
  • How the caravan reach and exit pocket worlds?
I will have to keep these answers briefs as we wrote 30 means of escapes. 

I will probably do that after blogging all the material I have collected, I think that I have enough stuff to regularly post for months. 

So first I need to blog everything (this already require me to do some edition and additional writing to glue things together as the raw material I am working with is a collection of G+ posts and comments). After that I will have a good idea of the content and I will do a second round of edition to structure things a bit and to make everything more gameable. 

EDIT: well thinking of it, I guess that I could simply write a series of questions for the GM to help them define the situation that is building around the mean of escape. 

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Campaign: Mothers of the Borderlands

I thought of revisiting my first blog post: a illustration of room #B12 of the B2 module Keep of the Borderlands.

For me, the most interesting thing in B2 are all of these non "combatants females" and their young, I often wondered what was their stories. Why not play them to find out?

"Orc losses cannot be replaced"

This detail gave me the idea of running a campaign about the survivors of the Chaos Caves.

Mothers of the Borderlands Campaign

Supported by the keep, adventurers raided the Caves of Chaos multiple times, the dust settle but the orcs tribe have been decimated, forgotten by the adventurers, the orcs females gather their young and try to rebuilt the tribe.

The players characters are the orcs females who survived these raids.

I would use Macchiato Monsters to run this campaign as the system is flexible and can easily be used to create different orc characters. But naturally any old school system could work.

Character creation (Macchiato Monsters) 

1) Roll your attributes but don't determine anything else. You start with the trait "orc".

2) Generate your family
You have 1d4-1 mates (you can add -1 or +1 if your prefer fewer or more mates)
(Roll 1d6 to determine their gender: 1-4 male, 5-6 female)

2A) If you have no mate chose one option or roll a d6
  1. You took the blood oath and follow the path of the warrior. (start with a wound)  
  2. You took a spirit as a mate and follow they path of the shaman. 
  3. You did a crime and are shun for it, you follow the path of the outcast. 
  4. You vowed to take no mate to follow the path of the witches. 
  5. You consume the moist mother shrooms and follow the path of the gender change. 
  6. Your mate died and you follow the mourning path of the wailing. 
3) Determine how many young you have. These young may be your natural or adopted children. If you have female mates, they gave birth to some of these young but you all consider them as your children.

Add +1 by mates (you may take a additional -1 or +1 if you want a smaller or bigger family)
You have:
  • 1d6-2 daughters  
  • 1d6-2 sons 
Young are 1d10-1 year old (0 year olds are d10 month old babies)

You also have  1d4-1 elderly parents. (Roll 1d6 to determine their gender: 1-3 male, 4-6 female) 

4) Roll who survived the raids.
  • Adult males survived on a roll of 1 on a d6, survivors are wounded and incapacitated. 
  • Adult females survived on a roll of 1-4 on a d6
  • Young survived on a roll of 1-5 on a d6
  • Elders survived on a roll of 1-2 on a d6, survivors are wounded and incapacitated.
Your surviving family is represented by a d6 risk die. When the risk die fizzle out, someone in your family is starving, sick, lost or troublesome. Reset the risk die to d6. You can step up your family risk die beyond d6 by taking care of them, providing them with: food, shelter, comfort and pride.

5) The tribe have been decimated, chose the path you will now follow (or roll a d6)
(If you already have a path, skip this step)
  1. You will take the blood oath and follow the path of the warrior.  
  2. You will take a spirit as a mate and follow they path of the shaman.
  3. You will consume the moist mother shrooms and follow the path of the gender change. 
  4. Your will mourn the deaths and follow path of the wailing. 
  5. You will protect the tribe and follow the path of the guardian. 
  6. You will take care of the young and follow the path of the mother. 
6) Generate your equipment with the Macchiato Monsters' tables. Your starting equipment represent what you salvaged after the big raid.

When you roll a piece of equipment determine who it belonged to...
  1. my family or clan
  2. a dead or wounded orc 
  3. a adventurer 
  4. a denizen of the caves 
  5. no one, I found it while I was... 
  6. myself, I crafted it
The gm can ask you questions to get more details to craft rumors. 

7) Your path determine your character options, you start with your path as a second trait plus the option associated with your path. (These are your two starting character options)
  • The warrior (take martial training, you are good with war and weapons) 
  • The shaman (take magic training, you are good with spirits, bones and blessings)  
  • The outcast (take specialistic training, you are good at sneaking, tricks and traps) 
  • The witches (take magic training, you are good with herbs, curses and the occult) 
  • The change (add d6 to a stat of 10 or less, you are transitioning and you are good with mushrooms, drugs, poisons and transformations)  
  • The wailing (take specialistic training (wailing), you are good at mourning, remembering, raging and scaring others) 
  • The guardian (take martial training, you are good with defenses, protecting and armors) 
  • The mother (gain a hit die, you are good with healing, nurturing, teaching and organization) 
8) Make rolls to see if your character speak extra languages. Your character speak orc and the chaos tongue. The chaos tongue is very crude and using it often impose a disadvantage when dealing with other chaotic creatures.
  1. Humans (common tongue) 
  2. Lizardmen or Troglodyte 
  3. Spider or Boar  
  4. Kobold
  5. Goblin
  6. Hobgoblin
  7. Bugbear
  8. Gnoll
  9. Troglodyte 
  10. Ogre
  11. Minotaur
  12. Ghoul or Harpy 
9) Roll a event that happened during the last raid (d6) (these work like rumors or goals)
  1. You lost something that you need to find back. 
  2. You lost someone that you need to find back.   
  3. You saw a opportunity to gain something. 
  4. You found something that you must keep secret. 
  5. Someone helped you, could they help you again? 
  6. You saw something that worry you. 
The gm can ask you questions to get more details to craft rumors.

10) Players should write goals about their tribe, their family, their path and the caves.  

Running the Campaign

The Caves of Chaos have been hit hard by adventurers from the keep, those who are still alive are those non combatants that the adventurers ignored. Now that most of the combatants are dead, the survivors must reorganize themselves to survive.

Run the B2 Module as a sandbox, present the caves as a place that have been hit by a disaster. Monsters are protective and desperate, this may open doors to new alliances.

You can start play in room C15.
  • Monsters survived the adventurers raids on a roll of 1 up to their HD on a d6. 
  • Combatant humanoids only survived on a roll of 1 on a d6. 
  • Non combatants humanoids survived on a roll of 1-4 on a d6. 
  • Neutral creatures or NPCs survived on a roll of 1-3 on a d6. 
  • You may also decide that a important or interesting creature is severely wounded and can be nurtured back to health with assistance. 
  • Treasures have not been looted on a roll of 1-2 on a d6. 
  • Traps are still activated on a roll of 1-2 on a d6, activated traps contain the corpse of a adventurer on a roll of 1-3 on a d6.   
The keep consider the caves as being a under control now, they moved their attention to other issues. Don't trigger a other raid on the caves unless the keep notice something worrying or worthy of their attention.

Present the chaos cult as a cursed gift, gaining it favor bring power but it will also corrupt the tribe and endanger the young. Deciding to follow the cult or to abandon it should be a major theme.

Present the chaotic humanoids as brutal and territorial but also give them things that they respect and care about. They are more like people with a lot of issues than evil ones. Show that they have a lot of resentments toward humankind and how chaos is feeding on these wounds.

Use random encounters as troubles that need to be deal with. Like if they encounter a carrion crawler maybe this is the sign of a carrion crawler infestation coming up, encountering other humanoids or NPC may be signs of all kind of troubles.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Presentation of my Doodles City zine

I crafted a experimental zine, each copy of the zine represent a city block. Each layer have different descriptors that you can select to make each block unique. You can open the zine on the side to gain access to random encounters.

1) Download the files.
2) Print in letter format with no margins (full page).
3) Print the second page on the verso.
4) Fold in 8
5) Cut the inside slit
6) Fold and assemble the zine.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Chromatic Soup 03: Elven-Troll Ancestral Portals

Contributions: Jeremy Duncan, Dan D, Christopher Potter, Evlyn M

As the cosmic alignments vanished, trolls and elven people reunited and traveled together toward the astral plains. They've had to pass through several ancient battlefields, and have learned a great deal of hidden lore about each one, thanks to the trolls' necromantic abilities, with the elves acting in their traditional role as mediators and go-betweens. This includes the sites of treasure caches, where long-dead soldiers had stashed the plunder of their campaigns, never to dig it up again and reclaim it.

The unlikely alliance between ancient enemies was formed through wide-scale acts of reparations and forgiveness by both sides. After long travel on the astral road, the two peoples have intermingled more than any could have expected: trolls are called "auntie" and "uncle" by elf children. The Council of Longhouses has returned centuries of stolen bones and grave goods to the Muckmoot. It is not uncommon to see families opening their tents to members of the other species.

In the face of the Sunset of the World, it is reason to hope.

Word of their abilities has spread, so that desperate travelers will come from far and wide bearing the remains of their restless ancestors. They hope that someone in the caravan can make contact with these ghosts in order to resolve unfinished business, centuries-old disputes, feuds, etc. This has brought the caravan a great deal of unexpected wealth, along with increased scrutiny. Gifts of food and drink are consumed quickly, but the material gifts are slowing the caravan down and attracting the attention of local bandits.

Troll and elf wagons started off with extremely distinct looks-- the trolls tending mushroom houses on the backs of giant spiders, with spores from the fungi fruiting inside the spider's brains and allowing for some rudimentary control by trained Troll wagoneers.

Elf wagons look like wooden towers with colorful tents hanging off of them, like mountain climbers on a cliff-face. They are pulled by creatures that look like a cross between zebra and goat. They also had these delicate wooden Strandbeest things, only load-bearing and requiring 1-4 elves to steer, working in shifts.

Hybrid designs are starting to merge, intact spiders yoked to strandbeests, mushroom domes clinging to moving wooden slats.

These all surround the caravan's main wagon, a 16-wheeled longhouse.

The opening of the ancestral gates
To travel to the astral plains elves and trolls had to unite their efforts to open their ancestral astral gates. The trolls performed an exhausting ritual to open the gate (and awaken the gatekeepers in the process). This effort left most of the trolls unconscious from the effort. The elves were then left with the task of negotiating for passage with the awakened gatekeepers, citing ancient precedent and even introducing new arguments. The gatekeepers were forced to concede, but at a cost. Four living sacrifices were required for passage. This was non-negotiable...

The gatekeepers look like elven-trolls or maybe trollish-elves as once both people were one.

Their common ancestors are now extinct as a civilization. Only certain individuals held in ritual stasis (like the gatekeepers) still exist on the material plane. There are rumored to be a few scattered diaspora communities where they do their best to recreate their civilization at its imagined height, but they function more like a cargo cult than anything. There are also "orphans" making their way as astral vagabonds, but most of them have no idea of their origins. In any case, they can barely viably reproduce. Some of their number are convinced that this is all for the best, and that their essence lives on in their "seed races" while others refuse to accept the situation and seek for some other means to perpetuate themselves in defiance of time and biology.

A child of the two races has been produced, and named Root. They are expected to become the Messiah of a new race, all actions are watched closely and seen as auguries, Troll shaman read the stools, Elf seers divine the flutter of eyelids. Others may follow, united as the caravan is on the path what will occur when the destination is reached, Root may become conflicted. 

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Divine Transition (in a petty pantheon)

Because of my family issues with my transition I thought, what if a divinity in a classic family based pantheon came out as trans? I doubt that I would use this myself in a campaign but there is no harm in brainstorming just for the fun of it.

Lets say that we have a classic Greek or Norse pantheon with a strong family structure and a lot of petty, jealous and controlling divinities who have the habit of intruding into other people's business...
While these gods could easily shapeshift, most of them maintained a fixed gender identity to maintain family ties as they were know as the son or daughter of... or the wife or husband of... 

Here are some possible consequences of a divine transition in these circumstances: 
  • Transition could be simple as gods can easily shapeshift. 
  • But maybe that how their follower perceive them shape their appearance on the mortal plane. 
  • Maybe the trans divinity will make some coming outs to their followers through different divine means. 
  • Maybe the trans divinity will go in hiding to transition and appear to have abandoned their followers (some heroes will have to undertake a quest to check on them). 
  • Maybe the deity will accomplish new divine feats while undertaking a quest to transition. 
  • Maybe their dysphoria will spawn monsters, cursed items or calamities. 
  • Maybe their gender euphoria will spawn new servitors, artifacts and miracles. 
  • Maybe their transition will influence their sphere of influence. 
  • Maybe their transition will influence the elements they rule over. 
  • Maybe their transition will reshape their spirit servitors. 
  • Maybe they will lose the support of some allies while old adversaries will welcome their new identity. 
  • Their divine parents could cast them out in the mortal world or even imprison them in the underworld. 
  • Strife could emerge between accepting and non accepting divine parents. 
  • Their non accepting divine parent could craft a simulacrum of their old identity to replace them. 
  • The divine parents could continue to maintain their parent-children relationship but in a very passive-aggressive way, you know by hindering their heroes or pestering their followers with monsters and calamities. 
  • Splinter cults could emerge between those who try to preserve the old identity of their divinity and those who embrace the new one. 
  • Mortal trans people could seek out the divinity to gain their support. 
  • Mortal social order could change or the divine transition could create a conservative backlash. 
  • Some minor deities will dare to come out too... 
Now imagine that a divinity that his currently very relevant to what is currently happening in the mortal world transition. How all of these consequences will impact the current situation? 

Like let say that the god of war transition during a major conflict between nations, or that people depend on a divinity to protect them against undeads or other kinds of menaces. Or that a divinity that rule over a very gendered institution or occupation transition. There could be all sort of interesting consequences that bleed over into the mortal world.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Chromatic Soup 03: more means of escape 2

Contributions by Robbert Raets, Tore Nielsen and Evlyn M

Orkish Cosmic Cans Opener 

There is rumors about nomadic orcs who have their own mobile cannery and a large supply of tinned goods.

Hobos say they have large signs on the cart holding the cannery - "BUTCHA ELKZ FURST!" or "NO WUN LIEKS TEH FLAVER OV ORK FINGAZ!" and that a orc engineer weaponized the thing by figuring out that the cannery can produce bio-grenades if you feed it regenerating bits of troll and pieces of other creatures encountered in the astral plains.

Orc's engineers and shamans crafted together a gigantic experimental cans opener that can cut a unstable rift into the astral plains or through pocket words.

Now that alignments are gone, there is also weird rumors about vegan orcs who made their cannery only with vegetables.

Contributions by Richie Cyngler

Thaumaturgic Community Displacement 

New Spell: Community Lifeboat
Level (if you need it): 1
Range: one community (interpret liberally)
Duration: permanent (well as permanent as anything is in the fictoverse)
Spell components: one dying world
School: alchemy

The wizard harnesses the energy of a dying world to teleport her entire community to the astral plains and from there to random pocket worlds!

Roll to determine some characteristics of these pocket world.
0.0 Mumbleverse. Error in the formulae! Your entire community has been transplanted! But as the language of another species on another world. Most people are words, some sentences, the lucky few are phrases or punctuation. This would be difficult to explain to the people... except you're made of language.
1.0 Oops 2D low rez. Its pretty cool here. There's 16 whole colours, if you're lucky. You can travel left, right, up or down (wasd). This place is full of cool adventures. "Look North".
2.0 Outwardly appears similar to the old world, but eerily so. Everything is so similar that there has to be a sinister conspiracy going on. Of course there is. Spoiler alert: it's mostly the male of the majority native species, they're afraid of basically everything particularly their own nature, which of course manifests as a violent need to subjugate others.
4.0 Functionally very similar to the old world. Similar political and economic structures, technologies (magical and otherwise), ethical spectrum, even physical properties, it might even be better! Yeah the people have blue skin, whatevs.

Contributions by Paul C

The Waybringers' Path

The Goddess of Wayfarers had prepared for the Sunset, for she knew that along the journey to safety would be fiends waiting to destroy the caravans. Her last boon before her departure was to infuse bowls with her ichor and give them to her ordained followers.

Those that consumed this ichor soup were driven to a frenzy, they gained a great and terrible power and teared astral rifts into reality with their bare hands.

They are now unwavering in their devotion to finding (and clearing, if necessary) the best path for their caravan. They are known as Waybringers, and others think of them as incredibly helpful but also ferociously violent.

Waybringers character class
As Fighter except:
  • Experience requirements as Dwarf (2,200 for second level, and so on).
  • Bump up the Hit Die of the Fighter by one degree in your chosen rule set.
  • No armour or shields, only travelling clothes and a hood or hat, for the Waybringer instinctively seeks to emulate the Goddess. Despite this, your quasi-divine nature gives you a natural AC of 6, with a +1 bonus every 3 levels after the first.
  • The Waybringer understands that there are things lurking in the dark corners of the planes that are immune to the bite of steel. Therefore, they will fight them on equal terms: with their bare hands! Unarmed attacks do 1d8 damage, increasing in die size at levels 5 and 9, and you gain a +2 bonus to grappling. You also ignore any monster's immunity to non-magic weaponry.
  • They are also skilled in bushcraft, with a 3-6 chance of success on 1d6. This increases to 2-6 at 6th level.

Friday, July 12, 2019

Galli Character Class (Black Hack version)

I made a Black Hack version of the Galli as a character class as Fiona presented them in her blog post about why she hate clerics.

They are priestesses who sometimes practice sacred prostitution. It is not the first time that I see a character built around sacred sex work in OSR publications. This is a subject that can easily be problematic but I guess that it can also be used in a mature and respectful way. In the case of the Galli, this is again associating trans characters with sex work, but at the same time sex work is a part of the history of trans people and sex workers are also part of our community, I don't think that they should be erased. I played Satareh, a houri custom character class (a sacred prostitute) up to level 4 in the Ultan's Door campaign and I really appreciated this character, her role as a sex worker did not really come up during play, as our adventuring mostly happened outside the city but playing her made me think about how sex work could be handled in play.

Some guidelines to handle sex worker characters in a campaign:
  • Lines and veils should be discussed with the player (and the group). 
  • The player should always be in charge of the sex work of their character, they need to be the one who decide to initiate it or not. 
  • The character can be tied to a temple or a brothel but they also need to be autonomous and be able to leave when they want. Their temple or brothel should generally be a positive network of contacts. There can be issues or problems to deal with but they should be optional and the affiliation should not be used by the GM as a excuse to coerce or abuse the character or to impose things on them.
  • Humanize the NPCs sex workers and patrons, give them quality, flaws and relationships. Some of them may have problems that the PC can decide to get involved with or not. 
  • Be careful not to shame the character for their sex work or to gratuitously joke about it at the table. Some NPCs may have a bad opinion of sex workers but don't make it the default reaction.  
  • If you use the trope of the troublesome client, be careful not to remove the agency of the character, give them opportunities to handle the situation in their own way and give them means of ending or exiting the scene if they wish. 
  • Never use rape as a threat. There is so many other ways of depicting a troublesome client and other kinds of troubles to explore.  
  • If for some reason pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections come into play, always warn the player when there is a risk so that they have a choice of taking that risk or not. I would personally advice to discuss these when you first talk about the player's lines to see if these risks should even be on the table. When they happen, give the character various options to handle the situation. 
  • Try to avoid tropes like magical pregnancy, or again discuss them with the player and if you decide to explore them give various solutions and be careful with the character agency, don't impose this kind of tropes on the character, always present them as a choice. 

GALLI as character class (by Fiona)
Who are they: castrated individuals[1] who dress in luxurious robes, attractive headgear (crowns, laurel wreathes, or Phrygian caps) and excessive makeup. Their hair is long and their features feminine. They have knives, bronze shields, and tympanum and dance ecstatically. They are preceded by frenzied music and wafts of heady incense. They bear a representation of their goddess atop a donkey. They perform for money. Because of the edict against castration of a citizen, they are drawn from the ranks of low born and foreigners. Sometimes they practice sacred prostitution. The object of equal measures of scorn and religious awe.
Why are they: they wander around and perform blessings (a shield dance over newborns, blessing crops to be fertile as Attis represents the life-death-rebirth cycle of crops) and tell fortunes. The actual operations of the cult are opaque (it is, after all, a mystery cult).
Domains: the boundary between life and death, the wild (particularly birds of prey and lions), frenzied dancing, mountains and stones in general. In chthonic ritual practice can contact an ancient race of smiths/magicians who can work metal, teach the secrets of mathematics and literacy and bestow magic; they will also witness oaths and bind them.
How is one initiated: the only requirement is the devotion necessary to castrate oneself in a fit of divine madness during the 'Day of Blood' (March 24) in symbolic mourning for the temporary death of Attis. Then you become a mendicant priest and perform for the glory of Attis & Cybele.

[1] Galli are in various sources referred to with masculine pronouns, feminine pronouns and 3rd gender pronouns sometimes pegged to if they have castrated themselves.

GALLI (Black Hack version by Evlyn)
Starting HP: 1d6+4
HP per level / resting: d6
Weapons: daggers
Armor: bronze shields
Attack Damage: 1d6 / 1d4 unarmed or improvising

  • Gain advantage to CHA tests while dancing or playing music.
  • Gain advantage to INT tests while bestowing knowledge of metallurgy, mathematics, agriculture and literacy. 
Once by day they can:
  • Sacred prostitution: when offering your service to a community test CHA, on a failure people avoid you (for different reasons), on a success you gain (level)d6x10 coins for the day, some rumors and a advantage for your next WIS test.
  • Fortunes: name someone and test WIS, on a fail you bestow disadvantage to a random attribute, on a success you bestow advantage to a attribute of your choice. The disadvantage or advantage will trigger the next time this attribute is tested by that person.
  • Shield Dance: while dancing you cannot attack but you gain advantage to defend against attacks, after d6 rounds of dancing you enter a battle frenzy and gain advantage to attack alongside a extra attack until the end of the fight.

Once by divine favor they can:
  • Witnessing a Oath: when someone swear something you may declare that you witness the Oath, if the person break their Oath they will gain disadvantage to all their tests until they try to rectify their oath or ask you to “divine” their penance. (NPCs will simply fail at everything)
  • Bless with fertility: take a turn to bless someone or something with fertility. Test WIS, on a natural 20 what will grow will be full of life but you must describe a monstruous feature that the gods bestow on them. On a failure you must declare that the gods do not approve the blessing. On a success you can divine a natural feature or trait of what will grow. On a natural 1 you must describe a divine feature that the gods bestow on them. (The blessing do not cause pregnancy, it only affect fertility) 
  • Replace a random encounter roll with a encounter with a lion. This lion will be neutral toward the Galli, test CHA to befriend it, on a failure the lion will leave and the Galli gain disadvantage to her next CHA test, on a success the lion will remain with the Galli until he fight once for her.
  • Commune with the dead: test CHA, on a failure the dead bestow a bad fortune upon you (like the fortune ability), on a success the dead will answer d6 of your questions. Undeads will return to their normal behaviors after chatting.
  • Contact Cthonian beings: test CHA, on a natural 20 you awaken a grumpy cthonian monster, on a failure d6 ill intended bitter cthonians will meet you, on a success you summon d6 helpful cthonians, on a natural 1, d6 cthonians come to bestow a gift from below the earth. The cthonians take d6 turns to arrive.
  • Summon the Ambrosia of Cybele: personally gather honey, grapes and sacred herbs, bless them to transform them into ambrosia. When blessing them chose a effect: heal 2d6HP OR restore lost charisma OR work as divine Hormone Replacement Therapy (changes still take time).
Ways of winning divine favors 
(You can accumulate one favor by level)  
  • Being castrated (you can start play with one favor).
  • Convert followers to worship.
  • Observe the holy week of Attis being pledged to Cybele.
  • Make a sacrifice of a ram to Attis (Criobolium) or a bull to Cybele (Taurbolium). 
  • Ritually sacrifice the testicles of a potent animal.
  • Observe minor holidays organized around the import of Cybele's worship. 
  • Flagellation and frenzy demonstrating devotion. 
  • Give solid agricultural advice in line with the religious calendar.
  • Dying and being reborn (earn 1d6 favors)

Roll to see if attributes increase, roll twice for WIS and CHA.

Random Cthonians Table (d6) 
  1. Dwarfs or Gnomes covered with dirt and roots. 
  2. Armored molerats people (or other burrowing animals) 
  3. Blind morlocks or troglodytes. 
  4. A cyclop and the assistants they crafted.  
  5. Fossilized nymphs. 
  6. Mad Geomancers. 
Cthonian's Gifts (d10)
  1. Knowledge
  2. Gem or magical stone 
  3. Petrified body part
  4. Key to a secret passage
  5. Helm or shield
  6. Earth song dagger 
  7. Statuette of a cthonian monster 
  8. Crystallized bones or creature
  9. Perfume or balm 
  10. Jewelry or erotic item