Thursday, March 30, 2017

Chromatic Soup #01

Chromatic Soup 01 is there! A big thanks to everyone who have participated and to anyone who have cheered us up. :) 

178 pages of DIY D&D goodness for 7 CAN$ on LULU.
(Or follow the free PDF link below)

Note: I have revised the PDF and the Cover. So everything should be OK, but I still have to receive my copy of the book.

I learned a lot with this project. Stuff like Scribbus but also self confidence and perceverance. I was never able to finish anything this big. For me this is super important because in the past I always had panic attacks when trying to work on big projects. So this is a big deal for me because this means that someday I will be able to draw a graphic novel like I ever wanted to do. What helped me to go on was the collective nature of Chromatic Soup, working alone I would have probably retreated. But we learn a lot when we are in relation with other people. The DIY community kick ass! :D

Chromatic Soup is big but I still consider it a zine because of how it was made and because of it totally unprofessional editing. I learned a lot of stuff, but naturally the zine must still have a lot of small errors. 

I am looking forward to see what we will do with issue #2

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Random exploration opportunities: trails

Next time I GM some hex crawling when we roll "no encounters" I will give a trail to follow. I totally forgot about this simple but nice technique to create exploration opportunities (and choices).

Hex crawling random encounter test (D6)
1) Encounter!
2) Fresh trail left by a encounter
3) Old trail left by a encounter
4) Debris or marks left by a encounter (trail too old to follow)
5) nothing (or a natural landmark to remember)
6) gradual weather change

Dungeon crawling random encounter test (D6)
1) Encounter!
2) Some sensory clue that a encounter is (or was) nearby (but avoidable)
3) Some sensory clue that a encounter is far away (could be debris or a trail)
4) nothing
5) nothing
6) Your light burned faster: - 1d3 torch turns or roll usage die)

I will also use this table for tracking down encounters: