Friday, October 12, 2018

Cosmic Crawl Zine

This is a other G+ community project, I drew a cosmic crawl map and people on G+ wrote descriptions for it different locations. I compiled everything and wrote random tables for each entries.

Also since my Patreon reached one if it objective I was able to put more time into the zine and draw additional illustrations! :)

When we filled the map I was really unsure if it would end up giving something gameable or not.
I am looking forward reading your feedbacks about the whole thing as I am very curious of what people will think of it.

Free PDF version:

Print version on LULU (better wait for the free shipping coupon to be active):

(I also uploaded a printable version of the Doodle Maps on Lulu)

Monday, September 10, 2018

Old School Roleplaying Guide: Principia Apocrypha

+David Perry recently published a Old School Roleplaying Guide that I illustrated. 

I am really happy with how David used my illustrations. People often have a hardtime to put them in valor in the layout but there the result is super nice. I was also careful to add a lot of contrast (I am learning from my commissioned work).

Also I think that the introduction about participating in online communities is important even if some people will take it personally and get defensive about it (as usual on the internet). 

Thanks to the little DIY/OSR communities I am interacting with, your creativity and support is always inspiring. <3

Vertical cut map test

I am experimenting with video-game inspired vertical cut maps. 
I plan to add more points of interest to the map.  

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

The Slime Pit, work in progress

I am working on a small zine build with illustrations I did when I was sick earlier in August.