Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Swimming between dreams (Sharkman Black Hack version)

I wrote a Black Hack version of the excellent SHARKMAN Dreams... that Evey posted a while ago, also check out the Blogs On Tape interpretation, the reading is just perfect.

I appreciate how Sharkman is not really aware of her gender, she just swim through her dreams and reality. I wish that I could feel like that sometimes... Being able to forget about my gender or even who I am for a while. Well I am presently swimming through difficult emotions and I certainly feel like a fish out of the water, I am trying to post some stuff that relate to what I feel, it kind of help me to digest my emotions.

I wanted to craft a mini 8 pages zine with both Evey's version and mine but I need more material to fill up 3 more pages.

The Black Hack is becoming my favorite system to craft custom character classes.

"There may be more sharkman somewhere, but as far as anyone knows there is just this one sharkman. Sharkman can’t really say.
Sharkman looks a bit surprised all the time. That’s just shark eyes, though he? she? it? is usually surprised. Sharkman does not understand our dry world.
He? is gullible, easily confused, and utterly alien.
Her? big flipper feet are cumbersome. His? strangely still flipper hands couldn’t be dexterous, could they? It’s never unarmed, not with that big dopey, dangerous grin. It seems curious but this is difficult to discern. That frightening, inhuman, kind of goofy expression never changes.
It’s no wonder the possibly innocent or possibly bloodthirsty thing fell in with the worst sort of crowd…"

-Evey Lockhart

SHARKMAN (Black Hack version by Evlyn M)
Starting HP: 1d10+4
HP per level: d10 / resting: d10 (underwater) d6 (dry land)
Weapons: biting and more biting!
Armor: his cold, thick, unfeeling flesh count as leather armor
Attack Damage: 1d10 biting / 1d6 unarmed or improvising

  • Sharkman roll with advantage when underwater, including her attacks.
  • Sharkman is clumsy on the dryland and sometime roll DEX with disadvantage.
  • Sharkman can smell blood from 100 yards away on land, 1 mile away in water.
  • Once he taste blood, sharkman make 1 attack per level and she must devour what she kill (this take 1 round by HD).
  • Sharkman regain d10 + the prey’s HD in lost HP when he devour a prey.
  • Sharkman can sort of talk, in a gurgling, raspy, disconcerting way. Player must choose and abide by a 10 words speaking vocabulary for the character.
  • Sharkman does not understand and roll with disadvantage when the dryland confuse her.
Roll to see if attributes increase, roll twice for STR and DEX. Sharkman also learn 1d4 new words.

  1. Mermaids sing underwater, make up a word and add it to your vocabulary without defining it.
  2. Mating with a shark or a human (genders are blurry and never the same).
  3. Vomiting humans and shark babies.
  4. Taking bites off something gigantic.
  5. A friend bleeding in the cold water.
  6. Drowning on the dryland or gasping for air.
  7. Being stuck in a infinite net, someone (or something) else is struggling too.
  8. Having your fins being cut by a fisherman and being throw back into the water.
  9. A underwater moon.
  10. A sunken temple.
  11. Being experimented on by deep ones.
  12. Sunken ship.
  13. Swimming freely with normal sharks.
  14. Catching a glimpse of a other sharkman in the distance.
  15. Being alone on a beach.
  16. Being touched and calmed by a mute and scared mermaid.
  17. Fighting a giant undead octopus, catching a glimpse of it milky eye.
  18. Being captured by aquatic humanoids.
  19. Walking in a empty city.
  20. In the deepest abyss, Dagon slowly open his? (her?) maw and say a word, make up a word and add it to your vocabulary without defining it.

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