Thursday, July 25, 2019

The Cosmic Worm Blade

Ruleset: B/X
The Worm Blade is a bastard sword +1
Special: +1d4 dmg VS fleshy and rotting undeads.
Each level the blade holder can summon the Cosmic Worm Maiden a number of times equal to their current level.

The maiden is a agent of the cosmic balance, she is in charge of maintaining the natural cycle of decomposition and she seek to return undeads back to their natural states.

When summoned the maiden imbue the character with her cosmic essence for the duration of a combat. 

When under the influence of the maiden a wave of worms crawl on the character, they devour anything the character wear and form a wondrous dress of woven worms, the character is transfigured and take the form of the maiden and receive:
  • a healing 1HD of hp (the transfiguration heal the character). 
  • AC as unarmored (the worm dress offer no protection).
  • The maiden form can use the worm blade like a dancing sword.
  • The worm blade can harm any undead. 
  • The maiden form can turn undead and speak with worms.
  • While touching a rotting undead with her bare hands the maiden form can absorb all the worms that crawl in their flesh, doing 1d8+LV dmg while healing the sword bearer by d8+LV hp. 
  • If something harm the maiden, a cosmic worm crawl out of the astral plains to protect the maiden. The worm (stats as displacer beasts) protect the maiden with it displacing power. The worm can not attack while transferring it displacing effect to the maiden. Each round the player must choose if the worm attack or apply it displacing effect. 
  • Foes slain by the worm blade can not be re-animated or become undead.
  • Worms (including carrion crawlers) will not harm the maiden form and will seek to protect her. Corrupted or chaotic worms will roll a reaction test.  
 After the combat the character must make a reaction test toward the maiden. 
(bonus for neutral alignment and charisma, penalty for losing the fight or for acting against the cosmic balance)
  • On a good result the maiden can answer one question before leaving. 
  • On a negative result she inflict a mutations linked to her nature and appearance.
  • On a very good reaction she may transfer one of her physical traits and grant a blessing or a extra summoning. Her favored champions slowly take on her appearance. 
  • She can also restore level drains in exchange of a quest, the reaction roll should influence the nature of the quest. Her quests usually involve burials, singing to summon worms and mourning. She will not answer summons when a character is questing for her.   

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