Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Presentation of my Doodles City zine

I crafted a experimental zine, each copy of the zine represent a city block. Each layer have different descriptors that you can select to make each block unique. You can open the zine on the side to gain access to random encounters.

1) Download the files.
2) Print in letter format with no margins (full page).
3) Print the second page on the verso.
4) Fold in 8
5) Cut the inside slit
6) Fold and assemble the zine.


Self Portrait as a Giant said...

This is so great!

sheno_cl said...

Hello from Chile! My friends and me really love your work. We were looking for fantawsy art in order to represent our d&d5e characters, and we ended using exclusively your drawings. We love them!
I was thinking to buy your zines on lulu, but by looking at the pdfs, i cant find what is the recommended level for player characters (we were hoping to play Oasis, Mudwarren Alley and Chromatic Soup). We already used the one with the kobolds and it was great!

Evlyn said...

Hello sheno_cl. Thanks for sharing your experience, this make my day. I think that all my zines are usable for first level characters some room may be more challenging but they are avoidable. Only a few of them have stats in them anyway. (sorry for the late answer).