Saturday, July 13, 2019

Chromatic Soup 03: more means of escape 2

Contributions by Robbert Raets, Tore Nielsen and Evlyn M

Orkish Cosmic Cans Opener 

There is rumors about nomadic orcs who have their own mobile cannery and a large supply of tinned goods.

Hobos say they have large signs on the cart holding the cannery - "BUTCHA ELKZ FURST!" or "NO WUN LIEKS TEH FLAVER OV ORK FINGAZ!" and that a orc engineer weaponized the thing by figuring out that the cannery can produce bio-grenades if you feed it regenerating bits of troll and pieces of other creatures encountered in the astral plains.

Orc's engineers and shamans crafted together a gigantic experimental cans opener that can cut a unstable rift into the astral plains or through pocket words.

Now that alignments are gone, there is also weird rumors about vegan orcs who made their cannery only with vegetables.

Contributions by Richie Cyngler

Thaumaturgic Community Displacement 

New Spell: Community Lifeboat
Level (if you need it): 1
Range: one community (interpret liberally)
Duration: permanent (well as permanent as anything is in the fictoverse)
Spell components: one dying world
School: alchemy

The wizard harnesses the energy of a dying world to teleport her entire community to the astral plains and from there to random pocket worlds!

Roll to determine some characteristics of these pocket world.
0.0 Mumbleverse. Error in the formulae! Your entire community has been transplanted! But as the language of another species on another world. Most people are words, some sentences, the lucky few are phrases or punctuation. This would be difficult to explain to the people... except you're made of language.
1.0 Oops 2D low rez. Its pretty cool here. There's 16 whole colours, if you're lucky. You can travel left, right, up or down (wasd). This place is full of cool adventures. "Look North".
2.0 Outwardly appears similar to the old world, but eerily so. Everything is so similar that there has to be a sinister conspiracy going on. Of course there is. Spoiler alert: it's mostly the male of the majority native species, they're afraid of basically everything particularly their own nature, which of course manifests as a violent need to subjugate others.
4.0 Functionally very similar to the old world. Similar political and economic structures, technologies (magical and otherwise), ethical spectrum, even physical properties, it might even be better! Yeah the people have blue skin, whatevs.

Contributions by Paul C

The Waybringers' Path

The Goddess of Wayfarers had prepared for the Sunset, for she knew that along the journey to safety would be fiends waiting to destroy the caravans. Her last boon before her departure was to infuse bowls with her ichor and give them to her ordained followers.

Those that consumed this ichor soup were driven to a frenzy, they gained a great and terrible power and teared astral rifts into reality with their bare hands.

They are now unwavering in their devotion to finding (and clearing, if necessary) the best path for their caravan. They are known as Waybringers, and others think of them as incredibly helpful but also ferociously violent.

Waybringers character class
As Fighter except:
  • Experience requirements as Dwarf (2,200 for second level, and so on).
  • Bump up the Hit Die of the Fighter by one degree in your chosen rule set.
  • No armour or shields, only travelling clothes and a hood or hat, for the Waybringer instinctively seeks to emulate the Goddess. Despite this, your quasi-divine nature gives you a natural AC of 6, with a +1 bonus every 3 levels after the first.
  • The Waybringer understands that there are things lurking in the dark corners of the planes that are immune to the bite of steel. Therefore, they will fight them on equal terms: with their bare hands! Unarmed attacks do 1d8 damage, increasing in die size at levels 5 and 9, and you gain a +2 bonus to grappling. You also ignore any monster's immunity to non-magic weaponry.
  • They are also skilled in bushcraft, with a 3-6 chance of success on 1d6. This increases to 2-6 at 6th level.

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