Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Old Notes about a Call of Cthulhu "West Marches" campaign.

I found this while reading through some of my old notes.

Dreamlands using the West Marches model.
  • The hub is the mansion of a old rich man.
  • His secretary hire dreamers.
  • The old man is never seen. 
  • Lot of cats everywhere in the mansion.
  • The old man also run a refuge for cats.
  • The basement is off limit and contain mummified cats.  
  • Basement is a temple of Bast and contain Egyptian themed spells. 
  • Old man is dead and his soul habit the cats of the house. 
  • Secretary is in fact following his will. 
  • Mansion contain occult library and contain dreams related spells.  
  • Dreaming in the house transfer you to the Dreamlands.
  • You always appear in the same city, like in the West Marches. 
  • The old man left a journal with starting clues for locations to explore around the city. 
  • The old man is know in the Dreamlands as a woman and a priestess of Bast (she was a closeted trans woman). The characters profit from her good reputation in the Dreamlands (while maybe she had a bad rep in the waking world for being eccentric).  
  • Area surrounding the dream city is a hex or point crawl.  
  • Locations to explore are dungeon crawl locations (temples, ruins, etc). 
  • Each location have archaeological clues that point toward a other location. 
  • Some locations have clues that points toward waking world locations to investigate to gain bonus clues about Dreamland locations. 
  • Many dungeon crawl locations lead to the Dreamlands' underworld for higher level play. 
  • Moon cycles affect random encounters?
  • Possibility of playing a cat or a Dreamlands denizen if you die in the Dreamlands?
  • The characters wake up at the end of each sessions.


Narmer said...

Very interesting.

yle said...

This is great!

Forrest Aguirre said...

I love it. Time to pick up that copy of dreamlands I've always promised myself. This would make a great "transitional" campaign into CoC for people who are used to playing OSR D&D.

Evlyn said...

The only thing lacking is the XP economy. I am not certain if a West Marches campaign would work without the lure of XP.