Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Monks of the Holyphant Hanging Monastery

I started by working on a Iron Maiden themed dungeon (featurung modrons!) for the Doom Cave of the Crystal Headed Contest. But I made too much illustrations and I was not able to complete them in time. So instead of rushing my Iron Maiden dungeon I decided to switch to plan B. Then I decided to switch to plan C.

So now I have two unfinished dungeons to finish thanks to Metal vs Skin (a good thing!)

So here is plan C. (Also unfinished, I wanted to describe the monastery and it monks, but I am already late for the deadline).

Updated: Rumors! (d20)
  1. The Holyphant is a heavenly creature walking on earth. It can speak through dreams and can grant clerical spells like a deity. 
  2. The Holyphant is the last of it kind. It can’t die until it find the Holyphant graveyard that surround the gates of heavens.
  3. But beware there is also a undead Unholyphant that track the Holyphant. The Unholyphant is full of undead monks. 
  4. The Holyphant is just a dumb beast, it not holy, bandits massacred the monks and took over the monastery. They use it to raid villages.  
  5. The monks breed and train giant wasps that nest in the fur of the Holyphant. They create a special honey that can give you a glimpse of the Heavens. Some of the monks fight with a staff that end with a hanging wasp nest. They are experts at throwing darts. They have special holy darts that send you into a blissful state. 
  6. The monks died a long time ago, killed by the parasites that breed in the fur of the Holyphant.
  7. A kengu demon took over the monastery and turned the monks into a band of were-ravens bandits. But some rebels monks resist the kengu influence and hide in the Holyphant fur. 
  8. When the Holyphant will reach the Imperial City, the Emperor will repent from his sins and step down from his throne. 
  9. No doors can resist a battering ram sculpted from the defenses of a Holyphant. Not even the gates of Heavens. Many generals dream of having such a relic. 
  10. The exiled Empress is condemned to wander the world forever. The Holyphant is her prison, she live in the monastery and is faithfully guarded by the monks. Some say the Empress is a sorceress, some say she have become of holy woman. Over the years she have received many gift from many nobles who remained loyal to her.    
  11. The monks trained monkey companions. When the last monk died, the monkeys took over and became monks. 
  12. The monks can speak with animals and are incredible climbers and acrobats. They make magic ropes by weaving the wool of the Holyphant. Each monk wear a magic rope and is trained to fight with it. 
  13. If a monk fall from the Holyphant, he or she can’t climb back and is exiled forever. (And become a adventurer)
  14. The wandering monks protect a powerful and cursed relic that most never rest in the same place. If the relic ever stop travelling, it would unleash it curse on the land. The relic is massive and can’t be transported by a single man. Some say that the monks succumbed to the power of the evil relic and killed each others a long time ago. They also say that the monastery is haunted and that the ghosts of the monks still protect the unholy relic. 
  15. If the Holyphant is slain, demons and monsters will spawn from it blood and ravage the land. It will be the first sign of the end of times. The monks protect the Holyphant so that this will never happen. 
  16. If the Holyphant die by violence a vengeful god will emerge from it corpse but if the Holyphant die of old age, a savior will emerge. 
  17. The heavenly milk of the Holyphant give supernatural power to the monks. But they must never stop drinking it. 
  18. The only inhabitant of the monastery is a gender-switching elephant-headed hermit. He and sometime She is a prophet but also a formidable martial artist. He or She sometime accept students to train them in the elephant-style martial arts and to teach them the secrets of prophecy and gender switching. 
  19. The white wool of the Holyphant can be used by alchemists to turn metal into platinum or to summon angels and other heavenly creatures. A powerful sorcerer took over the monastery to work on his alchemical experiences. 
  20. The wandering monastery is in fact a prison. The monks guard the worst criminals of the realm. Some of them are not even humans. Some prisoners hear the dreams of the holyphant, repent their sins and become monks. Many monks are former criminals. 

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