Monday, July 28, 2014

Greater Flamingo Staff

Speed drawing from this morning.


Anonymous said...

Dancing Flamingo! Crustacean Vomit! Be Pink! Just three of hundreds of spells you can cast with it! Get it now! Just 10.000 gp!

Evlyn M said...

Other possibles powers from our G+ discussion:

>Pearce S
fly 1/session
recharge by feeding it shrimp

>Cédric P
+ Kick in the face attacks a bunch of time by day. 

>Pearce S
maybe a bonus to spear hunting fish?

>Cédric P

>Benjamin B
Flamingos have been mythologically associated with Ra - so throw the Flamingo Staff into the air, and it flies into the sky until it blossoms in a day-bright sun disk that illuminates for a mile or more all around. Hood the staff with satin or silk, and you can find paths into the underworld when traveling by boat - though suffer trials before reaching your destination. With the staff, you may charm bulls to your service, and at highest sun, make a sacrifice of a chosen bull to restore the health of an ally. 

Unknown said...

That's awesome.