Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Githyanki Blade Sorceress

The less a Blade Sorceress is free to move, the more powerful is her telekinetic powers. 
This is why they wear clothing and ornaments that reduce their mobility. 

Githyanki Blade Sorceress
  • Requirements: INT 12, DEX 10
  • Prime Requisite: INT
  • Hit Dice: 1d4
  • To hit: as mage.
  • Saves: as mage.
  • Level and XP: as mage.

Special abilities

You get one telekinetic focus by level. (it nice to use small tokens to represent them)

You get 1 extra focus by point of restrictive clothing. Each point of restrictive clothing give you 1 level of extra encumberance and reduce your DEX modifier by 1. If you get to the overencumbered level you can still move 2 yard by round (but only if this is due to restrictive clothing). If you are totally restrained (like being tied up), this count as a extra level beyond overencumbered.

You can have up to 1 point of restrictive clothing that you can tie or untie at the start or at the end of a encounter. Any other additional points of restrictive clothing take you 1 turn to remove or to put on.

Exp: So if you have 3 points of restrictive clothing you get 3 extra foci, 3 levels of extra encumbrance and -3 to your DEX modifier. You can quickly tie or untie 1 level of restrictive clothing, but you need 2 turns to put on or to remove the other 2 points.  

You can activate 1 telekinetic power by round (except for deflect attacks).

The foci you spend on a power can be maintained for a number of rounds equal to your INT + your level (or for a entire encounter if you don't like counting rounds). While maintained, those foci are not available to activate other powers.  

You regain 1 focus by level of restrictive clothing by turn of rest (while being totally immobile).

Your telekinetic range is equal to your INT + your level in yards.

Telekinetic powers:

Control blades (can be maintained)
-Effect: each focus you spend give you control over 1 bladed weapon (that do up to a d6 damage). You get 1 attack by round for each weapon you control. You can control a maximum of 1 weapon by level.
-Extra focus: you can control a d8 weapon with 2 foci or a d10 weapon with 3 foci.
You can also spend extra foci to better control a weapon. While doing so you get +1 to hit for each extra focus spend (up to your INT modifier). If you control multiples weapons you must control every weapon with the same amount of foci (so with 4 foci you can control two blades with 2 foci each).
Note: while you maintain your power, your blades float passively around you while you use a different power (instead of dropping to the ground).
Note: you can try to take control of the blades of your your enemies but they get a saving throw to resist.

Project small blades
-Effect: each focus you spend let you throw 1 dagger sized blade up to it normal throwing range + your telekinetic range. You can recall all of your blades for 1 focus.
-Extra focus: you can spend 1 extra focus by blades to get +1 damage (but you can not spend more than 1 focus by blades).

Project enemy
-Effect: you can project 1 enemy up to 10 yards. If they hit a wall, they take d4 of damage.
This damage can be resisted with a saving throw. Enemies that fail their save fall prone.
-Extra focus: You can spend extra foci to throw extra enemies (1 focus by enemy).
You can also spend extra foci to throw them harder (+5 to projected distance by focus). A target will take 1 extra point of damage for each extra 10 yards of projection distance.  

Telekinetic manipulation (can be maintained)
-Effect: you can use your INT as your STR score to manipulate a object.
-Extra focus: +1 object / +1 yards by focus / +1 “STR” by focus.
Note: if you affect multiple objects, you need to split your "STR" between them.

Deflect attacks (you can activate this power with a other one)
-Effect: each focus give +2 AC vs one attack. You can distribute your focuses between different attacks. You can protect other characters.

Blades Barrier (can be maintained)
-Effect: this power require 2 foci and at least 2 blades. Any enemy that attack you in melee must make a saving throw to avoid taking d6 of damage. The enemy get a negative modifier to hit equal to the damage taken (for this attack).
-Extra focus: each 2 extra focus give a -1 to the enemy saving throws and require 2 extra blades.
Notes: a barrier of daggers do d4 damage.

Levitate (can be maintained)
-Effect: each focus spend let you levitate 2 yards away from the ground (or a ledge) at the speed of 2 yards by round.  


Evlyn M said...

Her headgear is in fact a bound demon.

Anonymous said...

Only one? ;)

Evlyn M said...

Hehe yeah maybe it a small demon collective.

Arnold K said...

I want to see her Christmas tree.

Also this is wonderful and you should illustrate everything.

Evlyn M said...

Hehe I should drawn it for the next Secret Santicore. :P