Thursday, May 24, 2018

Troll Slayer Arrow

Arrow +2 of troll slaying

When shot against a troll or other regenerating creatures: the creature must pass a save or die.
  • Pass: the arrow do normal damage +2
  • Fail: the arrow merge with the creature blood and grow into a wondrous flower. 

Roll 1d6 to determine the nature of the flower:

  1. Carnivorous flower hungry for more blood. HD as 1/2 target HD, dmg 1d6 biting damage + blood drain (gain half the inflicted dmg as HP). Target other regenerative creatures first.
  2. Blood flower: the flower is gorged with blood, drinking it give a temporary +2d6 HP boost (last 2d6 turns) 
  3. Beautiful dark flower that give +2 reaction bonus when given to a dark fae. 
  4. Beautiful light flower that give +2 reaction bonus when given to a light fae. 
  5. Mesmerizing flower: the flower is so beautiful that everyone who look at it must save vs paralysis to do anything. The flower wither and die after 2d6 turns (2d6 rounds if picked from the target).  
  6. Humonculus flower: the flower give birth to 1d4 beautiful vegetal homonculus who have access to the target memory. (1HD, regen 1HP/turn, heal 1HP by rounds when drinking blood, mesmerizing petals: sv vs paralysis or act last in initiative order (the humonculus canot act while deploying it petals) The homunculus need 1d3 hp of blood each day to survive.