Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Decks of many things!

I have now two decks of cards available on DriveThruCards

The Fabulous Tiny Guild: 

A deck made with 130 characters I drew for my mini-zines.

If you want to print some tiny character sheets to go with the cards, you can find the PDF file there.

The Wizard's Inheritance:

A deck of 101 whimsical magical items made with the illustrations from the Wizard's Inheritance zine.


tipsta said...

Hello, I think these are super cool. I'm curious how small are these "mini" cards?
These pictures examples are nice, and i think it would be quite helpful if you added them to their store pages.

Evlyn said...

Hello Tipsta, the dimensions of the mini cards: Mini (1.625” x 2.5”)

Evlyn said...

The wizard's items cards are a bit bigger:US Poker (2.5” x 3.5”)