Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Lavender Proto-Magister with sensorial jewelry

HD: 2 by level of spell casting
AC: as slime
Save as wizard
Alignment: lavender-neutral
Att & dmg: 1, 1d6 of corroding damage. 

Spell casting:
proto-magister can cast mage spells. Each spell is a globe of protoplasm slime with 1HD by spell level. Casting spells cost the magister 1HP by spell level. Protoplasm spells lose 1hp by appropriate time unit after the spell duration end. Instant spell proptoplasm lose 1d4 hp by rounds. Magisters can heal protoplasm spells by transfering HP while touching them. Protoplasm spells have a AC as a non-armored being and can be attacked. Casting the same spell on a protoplasm heal for 1d6 HP by spell level.

Spell absorbing:
When a magister pass a saving throw and resist a spell effect it heal by 1hp by level of the spell.

Sensorial jewelry:
Grant normal sense to the magister, without them they can only orient themselves through sensing vibrations and always act last in initiative order.

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