Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Gorm, Usamigaras and Madarua

The masks of Gorm, Usamigaras and Madarua.

Cults variant for the gods of the Lost City.

In the original module, the cult of Gorm only accept males as full members and the cult of Madarua only accept females as full members. Here is two variants for those cults.

Variant 1: the cults accepts characters of any genders, as long as you wear the mask of the cult you are considered a man, a child or a woman.

Variant 2: the cults accepts characters of any genders, but initiates risk being transfigured or cursed during their initiation.

Initiation of the lost gods: 
The character must wear the mask of the god and make a reaction roll modified by wisdom. If the initiate is sincere and faithful he or she receive a bonus for his or her reaction roll. If the initiate have doubts, there is no modifications. If the initiate is not sincere and hope to tricks the gods, he or she receive a penalty.

Reaction roll:

  • 2: Character is transfigured and receive the deity visage and may be transformed to match the deity age and gender (maybe). The initiate also receive a vision quest and a permanent wisdom bonus. 
  • 3-5: Character is blessed and receive a reaction bonus with members of the cult. 
  • 6-8: Character is accepted into the cult. 
  • 9-11: Character is cursed and receive a reaction penalty with members of the cult. 
  • 12 : Character is petrified, fused forever with the mask and become a guarding statue. 

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