Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Marsh Enchantress


  1. This is so good! You've really been on a roll lately!

  2. Thanks Lum, this was a old drawing that I was finally able to finish.
    Sometime I start drawing something then I put it in a folder and forget about it (or I am busy drawing other things).

    1. Partly, I drawn everything on paper, but I do a lot of retouching on the computer.
      (Like the dots, I have drawn them once and I re-use them instead of drawing them all the time)

  3. She's fantastic. I'm so tempted to write a blog entry about her. She could be a kind of elvish high-up in Pamaltela (where elves live in marshes), or a witch in Eastern Europe (where there used to be a lot of marshes before they were drained).