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Goblin Enchantress (with shaman and retinue)

B/X Goblin Enchantress by Benjamin Baugh (Special collaboration!)

Goblin Enchantresses (or in some cases,  Enchanters ) are not goblins who cast spells or enchantment, but rather humans who for whatever reason - natural attraction, strange rituals, or ancient family secrets - are enchanting to goblins.  Goblins love them, are oddly mesmerized by them, and obey their call and their will.  The more a goblin enchantress allows goblins to server, the more willing they are to do so.

The prime requisite for a goblin enchantress is Charisma.  A goblin enchantress who's Charisma is 13 or greater will gain a bonus on earned experience points.

RESTRICTIONS:  Goblin enchantresses use four-sided dice (d4) to determine their hit points.  They may wear leather and chain armor, but if so armored, can not use some of their special abilities (see below).  They may not use shields.  They may use any type of one-handed weapon, but if armed, may not use some of their special abilities (see below).  Further, because of their special relationship with goblins, they may never have normal retainers or followers, though they do attract special goblin retainers as they grow in influence.

SPECIAL ABILITIES:  A goblin enchantress is surrounded by a mob of eager if somewhat runty goblins who adore fawn and worship.  This strange power over goblinkind does not extend to their cousin species, like orcs, ogres, or similar.  With access to a suitable underground area - a dungeon mouth, caves, deep cellars - a goblin enchantress can call out in a strange song which draws out the goblins, and lays a glamour over their minds.  This siren call gathers d6 goblins per level of experience (to a maximum of 6 per level), who will follow and serve the enchantress until dismissed or slain.  New goblins can be called no more than once per day, and if above ground, only at night.

These enchanted goblins are less autonomous than those encountered during an adventure, but once per round, the Enchantress can give some or all of them a command, and they will continue to carry it out until their task is completed or until told to do something else.  They may perform most simple tasks with reasonable ability - succeeding on 1 in 6, modified by the number of goblins assigned to the task.  These tasks require 6 turns to complete, minus the number of goblins assigned.  If 6 are assigned, then the task is completed in a single round.

Goblins may be command to...

Perform domestic services - cooking, cleaning, and mending.

Perform manual labor - digging, clearing rubble, and similar activities requiring little finesse and strong backs.

Hunt, Fish, or Forage - providing a meal for d6 individuals, though they will most certainly spit in any food prepared for anyone but their enchantress.

Search an area - finding traps, hidden doors, treasure and similar.  If a trap is found, it is located by a goblin accidentally activating it.  d6 goblins are caught in the trap.  If it inflicts damage, a d6 goblins are affected (see below on enchanted goblins and injury).

Scout Ahead - the goblins are not particularly stealthy, as they babble and sing the praises of their enchantress constantly, but can scout ahead into the next dungeon area, but will never willingly get more than 30 feet away from their enchantress.  _

Additionally, in some situations goblins will act quickly...

if their Enchantress is unarmored they will armor her with their bodies, each goblins assigned to distract and protect her granting -1 to her AC to a maximum of 0.

if their Enchantress is unarmed they will attack her enemies within 30 feet, savagely but without much skill.  One goblin can inflict a d4 damage to a single target.  Each additional goblin assisting in the attack increases the die type by one step - so two goblins inflict d6 damage, three goblins inflict d8 damage, four goblins inflict d10 damage, and five inflict a d12 damage.  Goblins may be divided into however many groups the Enchantress desires to make these attacks.  Each group of goblins attacks like a Thief with level equal to their Enchantress's.

If their Enchantress is threatened they will sacrifice their lives to save hers.  Each goblin can absorb one d6 damage, dying in the process.  These goblins die with a smile on their twisted faces, and earn the jealousy of their fellows.  Her goblins will sacrifice themselves regardless of her wishes - the only time they will disobey her will.

If their Enchantress is unencumbered they will carry her, using their bodies to comfortably bear her weight.  Each goblin assigned to this task grants a speed of 10, with a maximum speed of 100 (ten goblins assigned to carry).

If their Enchantress is weary  they will bear her burdens, and each goblin so assigned can carry a load of 400 coinweight.  If asked to perform some other task, goblins carrying weight must drop their load first.

If their Enchantress is Bored, Worried, or Sad they will caper and clown, sing goblin songs, and make her frightful little dolls of lichen and twigs.

If dwarves are present enchanted goblins will mock, threaten, and insult them and make a show of protecting their enchantress from the dwarves, even if they're on friendly terms.

Enchanted goblins are not that independent, and are quite interchangeable - even their enchantress has trouble telling them apart.  If attacked individually, they have an AC of 8.  When damage is determined, roll a d6.  If it is equal or less than the damage inflicted, the enchanted goblin is killed.  Goblins make saving throws like their enchantress, and are immune to magic which would charm them away from their enchantress.  For the purposes of Sleep spells, they are considered to have hit dice equal to their Enchantress's level.

If ordinary goblins are encountered during an adventure, a reaction roll is made regardless of circumstances, modified by the goblin enchantress's Charisma bonus.  On a result of 6 or more, the enchantress may take a d6 + her level of experience goblins into her service, up to her maximum allowed.  Any remaining goblins, terrified of this power, must make a morale check, and if they succeed, immediately attack.  

Finally, while the goblin enchantress can not recruit human or demi-human followers, she may recruit goblin retainers.  These serve normally, and can include warg riders and goblin shaman who are able to cast spells.

The goblin enchantress makes saving throws and fights like a magic-user

Level   Title                     Exp.Points   Hit Dice      Summon Gob   Max Gob
1           Cave Maiden            0                 1d4               d6                      6
2           Dungeon Witch     4000             2d4              2d6                    12
3           Pretty Lady            8000              3d4             3d6                    18
4           Cruel Star             16,000            4d4              4d6                    24
5           Sweet Tyrant       32,000            5d4              5d6                    30
6           Deep Seer             64,000            6d4             6d6                    36
7           Cursetongue        120,000          7d4             7d6                     42
8           Blessed Hag        250,000          8d4             8d6                     48
9           Wormqueen         400,000         9d4              9d6                     54
10         Dark Mother        600,000         9d4+1          10d6                  60

When the goblin enchantress reaches 9th level, she may take a goblin city as her stronghold

notes  This is a bit fiddlier than most basic classes, but the core mechanics are simple enough to put on a 3x5 card.  Assign goblins to tasks, get bonuses etc.  Manage your goblins, because they can die pretty easily.

A simpler and more abstract way to handle this is by replacing the mob of goblins with a single goblin die which improves as the goblin enchantress levels.  This goblin die represents, in aggregate, the strength of all goblins working together.  So when commanded to attack, it inflicts gD in damage.  When defending, the goblins absorb gD in damage or provide it as a bonus to the enchantress's AC.  roll the gD equal or greater than 3 to complete any of the basic goblin tasks. When used, roll the die and if it comes up 1, some goblins have died in the process, and the die value is stepped down by 1 rank until the enchantress can recruit new goblins.  So, for example, if she attacks with her goblins, and inflicts a d6 damage on all her enemies within 30 feet, then roll the die again.  if it comes up 1, then the die value drops to d4 until she can recruit.  This represents goblins being killed serving her will.

I couldn't decide which mechanic I wanted to develop, so I went with the first one for arbitrary reasons.  If people would like to see it, I'll work this second one out in more detail.   


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great encounter for my current game

Brett Slocum said...

This is an amazingly well-done class and So Much Fun! The art is awesome.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

This is cool! I really like this.

Eric said... can I play one of these?

Noah Stevens
+Eric Boyd
Yeah - check this out:

It's almost as if I wrote it just for this exact moment.


MEMO TO SUPERIORS, SUBSECTION 3, "Speaker to Silaurians": The group of scavengers who sold us that quartet of juvenile Silaurians has attracted a strange new member. To all appearances, she's just a pale tall spacer girl, quiet and eerie. However, she seems to have some ability to beguile Silaurians. The scavengers returned with a huge Silaurian corpse and six regular Silaurians. The insectoids' demeanor was quite unusual- they were practically fawning over the young woman, japing and bouncing about when her attention strayed from the negotiations. She was emphatic that they were not for sale, and the mere suggestion altered the Silaurian's demeanor negatively.
After analyzing the bodycomp footage, it's clear that this woman can command practically fanatical devotion from her captive Silaurians. Despite initial reluctance, they were willing to carry the corpse of what I must presume was their ancestor. We observed her enthralling several Silaurians at the beginning of the expedition.

Misanderi: Stop! Come back up the rope. Let me sing to them... [several minutes of atonal atmospheric music follow]

After this, the Silaurians flew up out of the pit; their coloring and demeanor had changed. They were striped red like her other three, and just as fanatically devoted to her.

We played this music to our captive specimens, but they were unaffected. We surmise that this young woman uses her music as some kind of psychic focus. I firmly believe that we need to allocate more resources and personnel to this operation, so we can be ready to exploit high risk/high reward situations like this. 

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Magnifique! Thanks for the play report! :D

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I love this! Good job. This is the kind of thing that makes creating a character class so fun and worth the time.

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I am planning to do a redraw for my goblins zine. :)