Friday, May 31, 2013

Coins Hound Gargoyle

The Bank of Malbog learned how to create coins hound gargoyles from indebted wizard. The bank use those monstrosity to track down unpaid debt and stolen coins. 

To create a coins hound you must use melted gold, silver and copper coins to forge a dog mask. 
The required runes must be carved inside the mask and fill with the stone dust of a petrified victim.
Once the dog mask is bolted on the head of a avaricious person it will petrify and transform the victim into a gargoyle. 

To control the coins hounds, a till box must be attach to it collar. Coins owned by the victim must be placed inside the box each time the gargoyle hunt. If the till box is smashed open, the gargoyle will panic and will try desperately to recover it coins. Removing or smashing away the dog mask will break the enchantment and turn the gargoyle into inanimate stone. 

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