Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The night at the inn

To keep with the concept that Vornheim is like a mega-dungeon, when the group pass the night in a inn I check for encounters.

The chance of having a encounter depend of the quality of the inn:
  • Luxury: 3 on 6 (+1 to reaction bonus) 
  • Secure: 1 on 6
  • Standard: 2 on 6
  • Poor: 2 on 6 (-1 to reaction bonus)
  • Piss poor: 3 on 6 (-2 to reaction bonus)
(Carousing add +1 to the chance of having a encounter) 

Next I roll a d6 to determine the nature of the encounter:
  • 1 Witness something weird or supernatural.
  • 2-3 Get in trouble.
  • 4-5 Hear a interesting rumor or superstition.
  • 6 Meet someone that could be a interesting contact or ally.
And I improvise from there. 

I also roll on the same table when the group pass through a large crowd of people in the city.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

That's a nice simple little table. I like that you also use it in crowds.
I'm working on something somewhat similar for different kinds of events that can happen moving neighbourhood to neighbourhood in my city, with high chances of something mundane, average chances of something exciting, and low chances of something horrendous that could change the city itself.