Thursday, April 4, 2013

My forest is turning into a megadungeon.

I am working on a adventure location: a ancient forest slowly rotting in a perpetual autumn (kind of inspired from my memories of the Forest of Doom). 

I left the project sleeping for a time, but after receiving and reading Barrowmaze, I had a spur of enthusiast and I checked up my old projects. So I started writing new location entries ("rooms" descriptions) for my forest and now I have 90 of them. 

I am trying to apply a lot of stuff that I have learned from reading many OSR blogs, but recently a note from Dreams in the Lich House, "For Where Your Treasure is, There Your Heart Will Be Also", nourished a lot of my thinking and it indirectly made me realize that I can easily find some parts of me in my dungeon entries. I think that I like that, while still keeping in mind to produce a solid dungeon, I will try to dig more into this.

Also one of my main inspiration is the autumn palette of colors. Often I think about a combination of colors before writing my entries. I will also keep this in focus. Oh and naturally, I will also want to illustrate my dungeon myself.  

As for the forest layout, I am still thinking about how I will organize my entries on a map. I know that I want to keep a dungeon map feeling VS a wilderness hex map. If you look at a geomorph caves map it easy to imagine the background rock as a dense forest, corridors become trails and chambers become glades. Naturally it not perfect, but I think that I will experiment with this.


Jesse Rodriguez said...

I hope you post future progress with this. I like your ideas and your art. I printed out a few of your drawings to show my players for my S&W game I'm starting on Sunday.

Evlyn M said...

Thanks Jesse, it nice to see my drawings used in other games. :)

This make me think, maybe I should post my drawings with a better resolution for better printing.

Necropraxis said...

Wonderful idea. Reminds me of the forest from Zelda: Link to the Past.