Monday, April 15, 2013

House rule for fear in Barrowmaze and stress.

There is a optional house rule in Barrowmaze for fear. Each time the player characters have a close encounter with undeads they loose a point of wisdom. At zero wisdom they go crazy and are removed from play.

This made me think about stress rules in some games like InSpectre.

Just brainstorming here, but I could consider those stress rules for a game like LotFP:

  • Each time a character have a close encounter with death and the unnatural they have to mark a point of stress on one stat of their choosing. (players choose how to represent this, too nervous, feel weak, can't concentrate, shaky hands, etc).  
  • Stress points eat stat ratings and reduce stats effectiveness (or not?) 
  • Once stress points reduce a stat to zero the character is shaken and can't fight, use his skills or spells. (But is not removed from play) 
  • When stress points reduce a stat to zero it also permanently reduce it score by 1. 
  • Fear spell and other horrible spells cause 3 stress points (or a random number?). 
  • A companion dead cause 2 stress points (or maybe 3?).
  • When receiving multiple stress points in one instance, you have to apply them all in one stat, you can't split the points to distribute them over multiple stats. 
  • Resting in a camp: remove 1 stress point.
  • Resting in a safe inn or house: remove 2 stress point. 
  • Healing and courage spells remove 1 or a random number of stress points?
  • Carousing remove 1 stress point (or a random number & the use of the carousing event table). 
  • You can soak a number of stress points equal to your level before starting to record them on your stats (?). 

You can simply record stress points beside your stats. But maybe this is simply too complex. But I like that players can choose how stress affect their character. GM don't have to hold back awarding stress points since players can distribute the stress where they want.

That said, right now I don't think I would use those house rules. But I am kind of tempted to try them.

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