Monday, May 18, 2020

Don't order my zines on LULU

Dont buy any of my zines on LULU. The new LULU format screw up my files and I have to remove my zines from the store but there is currently no option to do so. Don't order my zines as they will be badly printed.

Sorry, this is pretty discouraging.


Robert said...

Sorry that happened, Evlyn. Can you post your good links? I didn't remember if you were on something like or things like that.

Evlyn said...

There is none, I am going to remove my zines from LULU when the site will enable me to do it. I am not on

Judge Joe Kilmartin said...

I'm sorry this has happened, Evlyn.

There are other platforms out there and as soon as Lulu releases your files you're able to do or go wherever you want.

I also think may be a good choice because it allows people to tip you more than the preset prices for your work.

I'm sorry this happened - this must be extremely upsetting.

Johnstone said...

Yeah, Lulu's site upgrade is super stressful. As far as I can tell so far, at the end of the process, all our books should be back to normal and that same as they were before, but it's taking a really long time so I dunno.

If you want to take them down, on the "Start" page for each title, under "Select a Goal" switch from "Publish Your Book" to "Print Your Book" (which says "available only to you") and it won't be available for sale anymore. Then you can check back later and see if everything has transferred over properly.

Or anyway, that's what I did after the shock of logging in and everything being a total mess. One very concerning thing I did notice is that even my premium B&W books that seem to have most of their data intact were still all changed to standard B&W, which is a serious difference in quality. Hopefully most of the current problems will be cleared up, but right now is not a fun time to be selling through them.

Dan said...

I am sorry about this, Evlyn.

Today I received my copy of The Doodle Factory in the Skies, which I ordered months ago but was delayed because of the lockdown.

I have been reading it and I wanted to congratulate you making something so beautiful and unique.