Sunday, January 5, 2020

Kobold Lair Stuff

I asked on twitter stuff to place in a kobolds lair, here is the compiled result. 
Thanks to everyone who contributed. 
  1. Hatchery / Egg warming chamber
  2. Shaman hut where they dry herb and prepare paints
  3. Genealogy stand
  4. Pseudo-scientific fortune-teller equivalent: "Your scales are heart-shaped, your breath smell like egg etc... So you are 30% red dragon, 50% gold dragon, 20% black dragon. Avoid adventurers on sunday. Now give me 2 rats"
  5. Tunnels than only a rolled-up pangobold would fit through
  6. Workshop where armor is made from cast-off scales for non-kobold allies
  7. Tools (mining, or for crafting traps)
  8. Piles of Stuff (Hoards but probably trash)
  9. Bones piles (collected after eating the meat, probably left around to be used as crafting material)
  10. Unlucky previous adventurers caught by traps
  11. Giant rat farm
  12. Giant rat dairy
  13. Trash heaps
  14. Trash forge
  15. Giant rat powered industrial treadmills/wheels.
  16. Metal scrapyard
  17. Thermal vents/hot springs
  18. Herbarium
  19. Mushroom farm
  20. Kobold ossuary
  21. Wishing egg: carve something on a stone egg and it will happen when it hatch.
  22. Pens for moles and other burrowing animals
  23. Clockmaker's workshop
  24. Weird convoluted traps to protect their lair.
  25. Mounts and their stables.
  26. Workshop with weird stuff that don't really work.
  27. Nursery for baby kobolds to be raised (and trained to make raids).
  28. Training ground
  29. Underground river
  30. Small lake with fishing gear it boats
  31. Flooded cave (some hidden treasure in it? Only the leader who can swim can get it!)
  32. Warming materials and goods, like a big collection of rugs
  33. Traps workshop
  34. Random junk/trinkets that have been sorted in piles...
  35. Blanket fort
  36. Weapon stores
  37. Poison making station
  38. Alchemy lab (often explode)
  39. Dragon mourning shrine with relics
  40. Shrine dedicated to attracting a dragon. Full of offering and representations of the dragon. 

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