Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Alternate vampire broods

Some alternate vampires broods I wanted to use for the garlic weavers zine.

Vampire Grubs
  • Grip attack
  • Eat corpses to regenerate
  • Burrow underground
  • Need blood to start their metamorphosis into a beetle vampire lord.

Vampire Mandragore
  • Created when a mandragore is nourished with human blood.
  • Charm spells
  • Scream make blood vessels erupts
  • Dring blood with her roots

Vampire Leeches
  • Mutate as they drink human blood.
  • Infected corpses spawn multiple vampire leeches
  • Hunt other vampires for their blood


Liam Beckett said...

These are fantastic! I've been trying to find a non-clichéd way to include unique vampires in my modern horror game!

Void said...

Oh, I love your ideas. I have a tzimise who loves expanting its bestiary (with merfish, reverse centaurs also know as mentaur, and crazy stuff) and they love your draws XD

shutteredroom said...

Love all of these.