Thursday, October 26, 2017

I am working on a comic book!

This may seem silly but tonight while walking home I looked at my shadow and I thought "hey this is me, I am really a woman now..."

I had my meeting with my editors tonight. Going there was pretty intense. I was unsure about my makeup and my dress was too light, the wind blew heavily and messed really badly my hairs. All this combined made me super anxious and I started thinking that I was not passing, and once I started doubting myself I started panicking knowing that being self confident is what really make us pass or not. I nearly cried and I was really tempted to walk back home.

But I did not, I walked to the bar and I used the bathroom as a refuge. I tried to arrange my hairs but they were too tangled, I was really uncertain of what I looked like. My editors arrived and texted me. I took a deep breath and I joined them. I told them I was not feeling super well and I explained why. After a few minutes we started talking comic books and the meeting went very well. :)

I am glad that I stood by myself.

While walking home I was pretty emotional and when I saw my shadow I strongly felt who I am now.

I am super determined now to go to Expozine and to exist as a woman and a comic book author.
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B.W. Byars said...

Awesome. Congratulations. That is excellent news!