Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Succulents Shop

On my street there is a retired adventurer who opened a shop after visiting the Spinetooth Oasis
She serve super good spiced purple tea and sell quality home made adventurer gear. 

Some of the succulents move at nigh. 

Odd stuff to buy:
  • Bottled voice from the sandstone crevasse
  • Desert maps sketched from a standing stone
  • Pilgrim scarf linked to a random pilgrim ritual
  • Nasty snake wine
  • Purple slug slime of lightning protection 
  • Purple grass weaved dress and sandals 
  • Rainbow bug shell jewelry (with a small container to store a dose of poison)
  • Blessed dried flower of the cactus mother
  • Bone flute from the bone graveyard (can get a reaction roll with vultures) 
  • Night sand that glimmer when elementals are nearby (it remember their touch) 
  • Pale cactus tears (to get mild hallucinations) 
  • Anti poison poultice (help to save vs poison, can grant a second save)  
  • Anti drowning charm (make evil water spirits hesitate) 
  • One random treasure from the oasis
  • One random succulent spider seed

Encounter near the shop (d10) (and hooks towards the Spinetooth Oasis) 
  1. Small succulent spiders move around.
  2. Pixie bounty hunter is tracking someone who headed toward the Oasis. (could be Bounty Hunter Killi tracking pixie criminal Pallara).
  3. Owl cultist is secretly looking for something.
  4. Reebo's agent is trying to cut a black market deal for Reebo. 
  5. A bad mouthed runaway girl is thinking of joining the Sisters of Filth. 
  6. A small group of sun pilgrims want to join the main pilgrim caravan.
  7. Desert nomad halflings want to visit their purple weaver relatives.
  8. Somebody is mysteriously found drowned. 
  9. New or retired adventurer visit the shop.  
  10. Succulent mimic in disguise observe the shop and may communicate with the succulents.

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