Thursday, February 6, 2014

Order of the Destroying Angel (fungus + paladins)

The order was found in the honor of a great paladin that received the blessing of the Destroying Angel's spores.
"The Destroying Angel: Spores on the wind make contact physical and psychic with the dying and vengeful. Destroying Angel will bond with the willing and give regeneration, weird slabby mushroom plate, and make them count as a fungus for mind effecting effects. In exchange after the mission is complete it will ask to go to somewhere high where it can convert the bearer into a large fruiting structure and disperse its spores."
When you join the order you receive a holy fungus armor grown from the fruiting remains of the holy founding father and a little psychomycosis sister or brother that will guide you in your holy avenging.

The order only accept orphans and youth people who have a dying little brother or sister. The order maintain a orphanage and a fungus plantation where they grown magical herbs that the paladins smoke to prevent the unwelcome secondary effects of breathing so many spores. They are specialist of healing herbs and drugs and they maintain a healing clinic and library. Orphans that get too sick while working in the fungus plantations are saved by receiving the holy psychomycosis megaspore sacrament. The orphans who survive the plantations and grow older become paladins.

But all of this is gone, the order have been accused of many crimes and the paladins have been declared felons and have been chased away from their church and holy plantations. 

Their founding father is trap under the church's ruins and the surviving paladins have become wandering knights guided only by their cryptic psychomycosis pages, who seem to constantly lead them into dungeons.


Necropraxis said...

All these are good, but middle picture is amazing.

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those squires are adorable!

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I really, really dig your stuff. Keep up the good work!