Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Rural encounters table.

When the group travel in the countryside you can roll on this table to bring life to the farms or villages they pass through.

To dress a rural scene roll a d20 to read a row of entries or roll four d20 to mix the results. 

There is 1 chance on a d6 that something suspicious is going on. Like people hiding some criminal, unmoral, shameful or forbidden activities. If so, there is also 1 chance on a d6 that it involve something supernatural.

Men Women Kids & other stuff Community & family
  1. Man sitting alone on a log, staring at something.
  2. Man leading 3 mules loaded with chopped wood.
  3. Old man rebuilding a stone fence.
  4. Man working in the field or a shepherd watching his flock of sheep.
  5. Two men charging forage on a cart pull by a ox.
  6. Man painting a pottery near his small workshop.
  7. Man carrying a shovel.
  8. Man walking near old ruins.
  9. Man chopping wood.
  10. Men sawing logs near a water mill.
  11. Man fishing in a stream or bringing back fishes.
  12. Old smith working on horseshoes.
  13. Man teaching to his son how to fix a cart wheel.
  14. Man preparing to slaughter a pig.
  15. Man sawing wood while two women fix barrels.
  16. Man burning something outside his house.
  17. Old folks smoking pipe and playing cards.
  18. Doctor travelling on foot.
  19. Man tending a horse.
  20. Man working on the roof of his house.

  1. Two women sitting on chairs and plucking chickens.
  2. Women bringing food to someone.
  3. Woman giving orders to her son.
  4. Woman taking water from a well.
  5. Two women sitting near a house and weaving baskets.
  6. Woman hanging clothes to dry.
  7. Woman storing something in a shed.
  8. Woman feeding the animals in the barn.
  9. Woman and a kid charging vegetables on a cart.
  10. Women walking with baskets on their back.
  11. Women washing clothes in a stream.
  12. Women sealing milk jars.
  13. Woman transporting a basket too heavy for her.
  14. Woman drawing under a three
  15. Woman calling her kids.
  16. Tired widow taking a short break from her chores.
  17. Two women talking while feeding the chickens.
  18. Woman checking on a kid that got hurt.
  19. Women sewing clothes.
  20. Woman carrying a ladder.

  1. Little girls reading under a three.
  2. Kid climbing over a fence.
  3. Kid watching from behind a window.
  4. Boys playing being knights, a girl is watching them.
  5. Kids running.
  6. Kid teaching to a other kid how to make a wooden sword.
  7. Kids balancing on a plank over a log.
  8. Girls with baskets picking flowers and peebles.
  9. Kid bring food to a shepherd.
  10. Kids teasing a dog tied to a house.
  11. Herbs drying on a house.
  12. Kids playing with clothes hanged to dry.
  13. A abandoned cart.
  14. A runaway goat chewing on some clothing.
  15. Kids watching cows.
  16. Girl crying with a duck in her arms.
  17. Kids gathering apples in a orchard.
  18. Kids digging something.
  19. Girl searching a cat.
  20. A sulking kid.

  1. Farmer and his wife storing tools.
  2. A family working in the field.
  3. A man weaving baskets while his wife talk to him.
  4. A couple charging bags of grain on a cart.
  5. Man and woman talking on a doorstep.
  6. People eating bread on the grass.
  7. People playing a dexterity game.
  8. Lovers meeting somewhere discreet.
  9. Family unloading a cart of grain.
  10. Family mourning or burying a dead.
  11. Family loading their goods on a carriage.
  12. People gathering around a house, a woman is giving birth.
  13. People talking near a barn, a cow or horse is giving birth.
  14. Priest talking with people near a old church.
  15. People moving a herd of cattle.
  16. People travelling on burdened horses.
  17. Family constructing a barn.
  18. Peddler travelling with his kid and a dog.
  19. Priest visiting a sick person.
  20. People discussing trading animals or property.

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Arnold K said...

This is useful! I'm glad to see that kids will tease dogs everywhere.