Tuesday, November 17, 2020

My collection of maps

I assembled all my maps into a collection on Artstation, I was surprised by how many I drew.

I have to admit that I did that because sometime I feel like my map work is a bit under appreciated/celebrated. Probably simply because I am a bit shy and that my anxiety make it difficult for me to participate to big projects and events (like cons).

(Note that you can open most of these projects to reveal additional maps.)

Anyway, enjoy. 😊



deathmtn said...

These are amazing. Thanks for sharing a whole world of great map art to explore!

Mathieu Tremblay said...

That is a lot of maps! :D

JDJarvis said...

Beautiful and fun maps.

ChristmasBear said...

This is my favourite blog. The gaming sensibility and the artistry elevate this above all others.

Lonely Adventurer said...

These are beautiful. Going to share that link with my students.