Saturday, October 31, 2020

Review & Actual Play of The Kobolds Art Exhibition

There is a short review and actual play of my zine The Kobolds Art Exhibition on the Seed of Worlds blog.

Reading actual plays of my zines is still the best thing in the world, I missed that kind of interacting. :) 

Sadly because of the LULU big update my zines are all currently out of print. I am thinking of moving to DriveThruRPG even if it is not ideal. I guess that it will take me some time to regroup all the files and the covers and to upload everything. I will post an update here once this is done. 

As for the kobolds capacity to survives dangerous environments, I wonder if they could weaponize their magical paintings...

If the kobolds migrate to one of your dungeons, let me know about it. Especially if your group dares to venture into one of their paintings. 


Xaosseed said...

With new kobold - fantastic!

Travis said...

Cool. This was not one of your zines that I had looked at in detail before, but now that I do, it looks like it would be fun to use.

In regards to getting your zines back in print, I thought I had read on another gaming blog that the issues with LULU's update had been fixed, though I could be mistaken.

I can say as a consumer that I am partial to LULU because it has frequent offers for discounts and/or free shipping, while I have never seen such deals for DriveThruRPG. And I think the product quality between the two is comparable (or at least was in the past; not sure if the update changed things). I have five of your zines printed through LULU, and there are several more I would readily purchase (such as this one) if they were available there again.

Of course, you should go with whichever option works better for you as a publisher; I just wanted to give my two cents.

Evlyn said...

Thanks Travis, I appreciate the feedback.