Monday, July 17, 2017

Spinetooth Oasis

I have assembled a Oasis dungeon that we did collectively on Google+

The Spinetooth Oasis

Thanks to everyone who have participated! 

I have uploaded the print version on LULU:

Also the link to the free PDF version:


Jonathan Davis said...

I'm interested in checking this out. Where'd it go?

Evlyn said...

Hello Jonathan, I reactivated my zines on LULU this afternoon. I will try to put up a page toward the free PDF version soonish.

Jonathan Davis said...

Oh cool! I noticed they had vanished around the web. My players just got done with an adventure where they hired some hillbilly swamp folk as their hirelings. I emailed them some of your characters as the source of inspiration.

Brett Slocum said...

I looked again and it seems it is gone again. I love your work and would really like to see your books available. The Kobold's Art Exhibition also.