Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Doodle Temple (zine)

I made a new zine: The Doodle Temple.

This one is in color, so I won't have the budget to print it, but it's ok since it was fun to work with colors. (I doodled everything with ball point color pens).

The temple is more of a illustrated tool box than a actual dungeon (there is no map).

But the way I see it, the Doodle Temple create new rooms when you are distracted, so in a sense it's a infinite random dungeon. (A nice fit with Narcosa).

A way you can use the temple to generate a dungeon on the fly:

Each time the group enter a new room roll 3d6, remove the "1" and distribute the remaining results between those elements (so you get 0 to 3 elements by rooms):

  • Stair Tube: (2-3) go up, (4-5) go down, (6) go somewhere else (I did not drawn the tubes)
  • Doors & Windows: (2-3) obstructed, (4-5) locked, (6) unlocked
  • Traps: (2) victim in a trap, (3-5) one trap, (6) two traps
  • Creatures: (2-3) traces, (4-5) one type of creatures, (6) two type of creatures interacting 
  • Treasures: (2-3) leftovers from a stolen treasure, (4-5) one treasure, (6) bigger but hidden treasure
  • Altars: (2-3) cult objects linked to the altar, (4-5) one altar, (6) creatures praying at a altar
  • Specials: (2-3) it's just decoration, (4-5) magical trick or trap, (6) dangerous boon or upgrade 
Roll in the zine to generate things.

Or to go faster you can simply roll 2d6, choose two category of elements and directly read the results in the zine.

Also in each rooms, you can roll a bunch of d6 to generate some furniture.


BelatedGamer said...

This is awesome! I especially love the creatures on pages 3 and 43, definitely planning on using this on the future.

Have you ever put any thought into creating a real module for anything?

Evlyn M said...

I thought on creating a real module, but since English is my second language it would take me forever to finish writing something.

賈尼 said...

The very best of D.I.Y.!