Saturday, July 21, 2012

Poleviks worshiping Poludnitsa, the Lady of Grains.

A idol of the Lady of Grains, one of the mysterious figure that haunt the abandoned farmlands of my Northern Marches campaign. She rule over grains, madness, curses and unlife. Her worshipers can create unlife by stuffing the corpse of a loved one with grains while evoking her name. Some say that she can turn grains into gold. 

"She assailed folk working at noon causing heatstrokes and aches in the neck. Sometime she even caused madness." 


賈尼 said...

Again, this is amazingly evocative. I'm running an East Slavic-inspired game myself ( so I really dig your illos!

賈尼 said...

Can I steal your picture (with credits) for my blog? These would be two Slorifings in front of an idol of Olaria.

Evlyn M said...

Sure, what I post here is for sharing.

Thanks for the link to your blog, I will probably also use some of your stuff for inspiration.

賈尼 said...

Here's my first post about your blog:

Evlyn M said...

Nice! :)

Note to myself: I have to re-reactivate my blog and post more often! :P