Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dungeon module B2, Content of room B12

This week there was some talk about how to deal with the non-combattant orcs in Keep on the Borderlands and somebody mentioned the room B12 and the orc leader with his two combattant concubines. Don't ask why but I wanted to try to drawn the occupants of the room as they hear the adventurers coming toward their location, so here is the result.

12. ORC LEADER’S ROOM: This large creature is clad in chain mail, has a shield +1, and carries a mace. He carries 31 gold pieces, and wears a ring set with a gem (total value 700 g.p.). The room is carpeted, has tapestries upon the walls (note one of these covers the entrance to the small cave to the west), and battered but still serviceable furniture and a cot. His two mates sleep on cushions at the foot of his resting place. The chests and other furniture have nothing of value.


  1. Hehe, well I got a little bit lost in them, it was fun to drawn but I prefer doing simpler illustrations. I should start inking shadows, but once I have finished my line drawing and I look at it, it is intimidating to go back in there to darken everything.

  2. Do you mind if I post this picture on my blog? I would love to use it to direct other people to your work.