Thursday, January 21, 2021

Cosmic Usage Dice

The Black Sword Hack is about the end of the world but there is no pacing mechanic to trigger it end.
I guess that you could establish that reaching level 10 trigger the end but let try something that follow the fiction and the character's actions. 

Law and Chaos have a Cosmic Usage Die

  • They could both start at d8 but you can also start with a unbalanced world. 
  • If a cosmic usage die go under d4 or above d12, it trigger the end of the world. 
  • When both cosmic dice are equal, the Cosmic Balance is in equilibrium.

At the end of an advenutre: 

  • Test the usage die of the defeated or hindered faction: on a result of 1-2 it cosmic die step down. 
    • The lost was extra hurtful (the death of a champion, etc): roll with disadvantage
    • The lost was minimal: roll with advantage.
  • Test the usage die of the triumphant faction: on a maximum result it step up. 
    • The trimph is exalted or glorious: roll with advantage
    • The trimph is minimal: roll with disadvantage
When factions fight each other without the intervention of the player characters: roll their usage dice, the faction that roll higher win the conflict. Result of 1-2 are a disaster. 

So aligned players can cause the end of the world by crushing the opposed faction too much (lowering it cosmic die under d4) or by being too triumphant (rising their faction cosmic die over d12). 

Optional rule: Cosmic Momentum.
  • When your faction's cosmic die become the highest (or step up?), your Doom dice step up by one for the duration of an adventure.
  • For characters aligned with Balance this happen when the cosmic dice reach the same value.

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marat said...

Cool idea! Mörk Borg does something vaguely similar (but non-moorcockian) with a series of portents working as a countdown to the apocalypse.