Thursday, January 21, 2021

Black Sword Hack actual play

I started a campaign of the Black Sword Hack, a game by Kobayashi made with the Black Hack and that use Michael Moorcock's Eternal Champion cycle as it inspiration. 

What attracted me to the game is that instead of proposing you to play in the Young Kingdoms like how Stormbringer and later Elric did, Black Sword Hack propose you to craft your own doomed world and to save or destroy it. 

Personally I think that this is the best way to write a RPG about a work of fiction: give the group the tools to craft their own setting inspired by the main tropes and elements of the original work. This way the campaign is not constrained by the canon and it don't feel like you are playing in someone else pre-made campaign world.  

A big part of the fun was the creation of our doomed world. To do so we used the random tables provided in the book but instead of just the GM (me) rolling on them, I asked in turns each players to roll two dice and to choose the result they prefer. This way we were able to collectively create the world. I feel like this a great way of creating players engagement into the world they are going to save or DOOM. 

  • The forces of Order are championed by a network of brains enclosed in engraved bronze casings. 
  • Their troops are an army of automatons made in the image of angels. 
  • The world suffer from earthquakes and tsunamis.
  • The Balance stronghold is a refuge built underground by an advanced civilization.

  • The Nothern Raiders are declining and favorable to Chaos. 
  • The Dust Empire is warmongering and allied with Law. 
  • The Last City of a Dying Specie is divided and favorable to Chaos. 
  • The Grey Spire Dominion is declining and favorable to Order. 
  • The Land of the Black Pyramid is declining and favor diplomatic solutions. 

  • The Rapier of Devouring Horde is brutal and call for action. It inflict the STR of it wielder as damages. It is made of Quicksilver. When it kill it transfer back d6HP to it wielder. It can be found on the Moon! 
  • The Long Sword of Splitting Death is silent and don't care about it wielder. It inflict the WIS of it wielder as damages. It is made of rusted metal and stone. When it kill it absorb memories. It can be found on a floating Island.


Dan said...

I am always here for visiting the moon in fantasyland.

Noah S. said...

Sounds great! Perfect for Dungeon Crawl Classics. Jarret Crater and I made a “session-0” Beyond the Wall style world generator for DCC a few years ago that you might like. I like your results better and will pick this Black Sword Hack up. Thanks for the lead and the post!