Sunday, October 1, 2017

First time in the Metro!

Yesterday I had to take the metro for the first time in "girl mode" to meet with some of my friends in a bar (Le Cheval Blanc).

I was super nervous but everything went well.

Walking outside at night now feel pretty natural and kind of normal.

But being in the metro made me feel quite uncomfortable, I felt super exposed standing still under the neon lights. Nothing bad happened but still it was not easy. But once I was outside I was super proud of myself for this little accomplishment.

I realize how much people are trained to not look around them or at other people (their phone helping for this).

My night in the bar was also my first time as myself in a public space. I was a bit nervous when I entered but once I meet my friends, I easily felt at ease. So a other tiny accomplishment! :)

This evening was super encouraging. But I also realized that I need to spend a lot more of money on clothing, makeup, etc and other transition stuff. But hey one step at a time. 

I am thinking of opening a new blog to talk about my more personal stuff. To keep the Chaudron focused on gaming art. But I will see...

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maxspoint13 said...

Nice! A very cute drawing, I like the cheerful fanged cat subway-goer. I'm glad it went well!