Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Use Super Heroes gimmicks to create Cults.

Take your favorite or classic D&D deities and apply some super heroes or comic books gimmick to create variant cults.

Super heroes gimmicks cults d30:

  1. Dead: this cult believe that their deity is dead. They are collecting the stories and artifacts linked to it death and are hoping for it return, but some are against it. 
  2. Legacy upholder: while the original deity is dead or gone, this cult worship a other deity who decided to step in to uphold the original deity name. Some wait for the return of the original deity, other secretly work to prevent it.  
  3. Temporary holder of power: this cult believe that for a time, a mortal was granted powers similar to the powers of the original deity. They worship him or her as a herald, saint or a minor demi-god.  
  4. Noble Alien Paragon: this cult worship a utterly alien but noble version of the original deity who is often a legacy upholder or a temporary holder of power. 
  5. Depowered: this cult believe that the original deity is depowered and walk among them. 
  6. Satire: this cult venerate a caricatural, ironic or grotesque version of the original deity or a minor deity that mimic and caricature the original one. Theses cults often represent their deities with animal traits.  
  7. Grim Dark Version: this cult venerate a grim dark version of the deity. Those are often satire cults who lost their ways and who ended up worshiping their satire deities too seriously. 
  8. Undead: this cult venerate a undead version of their deity. Some believe that the original deity came back from the dead, some believe in a undead double that oppose the original deity. 
  9. Cyber-Techno version: this cult venerate a cyber-techno version of the deity that replace or exist alongside the original deity. 
  10. Color variants: these cults believe in multiple color variants of their original deity. Each color variant have it own traits and color derived powers.  
  11. Usurper: this cult believe that a other deity stole the powers or the name of their original deity. Some hope for the return of the original deity, some work against it. 
  12. Impostor: this secret cult believe that a other deity is secretly impersonating their deity. They often loose themselves in conspiracy theory.  
  13. Villain/Reformed: this cult believe that their deity have fallen from grace and is now evil or that their deity reformed and is now working for the good of mankind. This cult is sometime a alternate history cult that believe in a villain or reformed deity that exist alongside their original deity.  
  14. Instrumented: this cult believe that they have created and a instrumented version of a deity. They believe that this new deity is more efficient and powerful (and under their control). Those cults are often cyber-techno version cults. 
  15. Kid: this cult believe in a kid version of their deity. 
  16. Divine Spouse: this cult worship the divine spouse of their deity. Those cults are often alternate or lost continuity cults. Some wish that the divine spouse would lead his or her own pantheon. 
  17. Pet: this cult believe that the deity have a pet with a similar set of power. They believe that this pet is the herald of their deity and that it can intercede for them. They also believe that sometime divine pets work together to secretly protect humankind. 
  18. Sidekick: this cult believe that their deity have chosen and is guiding a mortal that will one day ascend to the rank of divinity. They worship this mortal as a saint. But some envy him or her and wish for his or her downfall (or replacement). Most of those cultists see clerics as potential chosen ones. 
  19. Mortal Lovers: those cults believe that different mortals are or were the lovers of their deity. They worship them as saints and often believe that they were temporary holder of power. Some of those cultists believe that clerics have dated their deity. 
  20. Family: this cult believe that their deity have a whole family with similar sets of powers. Those cults are often alternate or lost continuity cults. Some cultists believe that clerics are members of their deity's family. 
  21. Gender switched double: this cult worship a gender switched version of the deity that exist alongside the original deity.  
  22. Gender switched alternate: this cult believe in a gender switched alternate version of their deity that replace the original deity. (Or that their deity actually changed gender or was actually of a other gender). 
  23. Culture double or alternate: this cult worship a version of their deity that origin from a different culture. These cults are often combined with other forms of worship (alternate history, gender switched, etc). 
  24. What if: this strange cult wonder what if their deity was someone else or had done something different. They worship visions of those possibilities. 
  25. Alternate history: this cult believe in a alternate version of their deity that come from a alternate past or future. This cult is often combined with other forms of worship.
  26. Lost Continuity: this heretic cult believe in a former and forgotten scriptures and version of their deity.
  27. New Power Set: this cult believe that their deity have acquired new spheres of influence and a new set of powers. They may believe that the change was voluntary or not. 
  28. New upgraded cooler version: this new cult believe in a new upgraded version of their deity that closely mirror their identity and interests. 
  29. Retcon: this secret cult believe that the past history of their deity is being changed by their deity or by outside forces.   
  30. Rebooted: this cult believe that past history have vanished and that their deity history is beginning again. This cult is often accompanied by a impostor or lost continuity cult. 
  31. Big Event Crossover: this doomday cult believe in a upcoming big pantheons crossover that will change their pantheon status quo forever.


Daniel Sell said...

Clerics are all super-fans battling it out in the Continuity Wars.

This is really cool!

Evlyn M said...

Hehe :)

Jeremy Murphy said...

Slithrak is the Grimdark version! http://oglaf.com/geewoks/

Evlyn M said...

Haha, totally! :D

Anonymous said...

Fan is short for "fanatic".
How I feel about the Incredible Hulk, for example, is how bin laden felt about allah; it's the same emotion. (You can see this in action for any character in who-would-win-in-a-fight threads.)

These three things all intersect here:
-Religions come from exaggerated tales of heroic deeds.
-D&D simulates those deeds.
-Super hero comics are the modern form.

Patrick Mallah said...