Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Post Humans Orbital Structures

Hey I published a set of sci-fi equipment for the RPG Machhiato Monsters: https://evlyn.itch.io/posthumansorbitalstructures
I am super happy of it because I was able to use my patreon money to hire a other trans woman to do the layout. Also a big thanks to Brian who helped for the proofreading.  


evangineer said...

Already bought this.

Would love to see more material for this kind of setting.

In that regard, could you please make a print-and-play release of Paper Biome available on Itch.io.

Evlyn said...

I have notes about megastructures crawling, I will try to assemble them but I work very slow since the confinement.

I removed Paper Biome print version a while ago because it priced at 40$ on LULU and I felt that it was not good enough for the price. :-/

I need to check up the new "upgraded" lulu interface and clean up my zine store, I will see what I can do.