Monday, March 30, 2020

Cordyceps Lord

Ants, Cordyceps Lord
Cordyceps are mindless and giants ants are usually able to deal with them but once in a while a cordyceps fuse with the mind of a strong willed giant ant and develop the desire to create it own ever growing colony of infected ants. The Cordyceps Lord hivemind coordinate the cordyceps to try to infect the whole colony, if repelled by the ants the Cordyceps Lord retreat into a dark or damp place to build it own hive, from where it will ambush ants who pass by to infect. 

Rumors (d12)
  1. The ant queens are hiring non ants mercenaries to defend their hives.
  2. Myconids are sending a diplomatic delegation to try to communicate with the Cordyceps. 
  3. The Cordyceps are infecting undead too, a local necromancer is sending skeletons to ask for help. 
  4. Local vivimancer need cordyceps samples to try to design a cure. 
  5. A nearby kobold colony is trying to farm cordyceps. 
  6. A old hag have moved into the cordyceps infected hive. 
  7. The cordyceps are trying to summon the demon lord of fungus! 
  8. The cordyceps ants have captured a local alchemist and are collecting supplies for her. 
  9. The cordyceps worship a allied deity, priest wonder if they should ally with them. 
  10. Local druid is hiring people to save ant eggs from a cordyceps infected hive.  
  11. A Cordyceps Lord who live in a nearby ruin hire mercenaries to steal eggs and larva from nearby giant ants colonies. 
  12. Dwarfs are paying good money for captured Ankhegs as they are training them to repel a Cordyceps invasion. 

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Spwack said...

Oooh I guess this is what it looks like when another species suffers a zombie plague. Cool!