Thursday, October 24, 2019

Dusty Blog

My blog is all dusty, I have multiple near finished blog posts but I never find the energy or the focus to finish them. I recently quit Twitter so this will maybe help me to post back again. It is not easy to exist in multiple virtual spaces, I am trying to post on instagram, facebook (for my non gaming friends), my patreon, on multiple discords and to publish videos on youtube, to stream a bit and to records episodes of my podcast. I guess that this is not much for some people but I often feel like I am too dispersed. Oh and I forgot that I am also trying to work on zines that I seem to never be able to finish. Shit, just before I transitioned I published around 5 zines on lulu, now nothing... -_-

Hopefully I will post back soon in the Cauldron. <3



tipsta said...

Excited to see more posts from you on here! Be mindful not to stretch yourself too thin on all of these apps and websites. It can be extremely draining.

Arnold K said...

I have a bunch of big projects that I'm just staring at, unable to complete. I've had a much easier time just writing simpler posts that are just lists of related ideas, unattached from anything else.

Maybe something similar will work for you?

Anyway, hope you come back to posting in the near future.