Monday, March 12, 2018

Paper Biome is Available!

Paper Biome is on LULU!

I made several versions because Print on Demand let us easily do that:
  • Paper Biome Full version (print, include everything, 161 color pages) 50$
  • Miniatures Only (print, only the miniatures, no tiles, no generator) 35$
  • Generator Only (generator & sheets only, no miniatures or tiles) 25$
  • PDF Paper Biome (full version) 12$ 

(This is in Canadian dollars)

I designed the generator to work with the paper miniatures but I guess you can still use it without the miniatures, except that you will only have the miniatures portraits to represent the creatures. This is really a kit to cut up and glue.

You better wait the next free shipping coupon to order.


tapferwolf said...

Our full print version is only three days out; we are super excited!

tapferwolf said...

Paper Biome is way more intense in person! The tracking sheets are a welcome element of the game. I'll post a review somewhere when we've taken PB for a test drive :-)

aengusmaqqubrude said...

I went to LuLu but could not see the option for the printed version. Is it available at all?

Evlyn said...

Yeah I deleted the files by error and I never re uploaded them.