Thursday, January 5, 2017

Cuckoo Clock Squid

Cuckoo Clock Squid
HD: 3+1 (15 hp) AC 14, DMG: 1d6, 1d6 (pendulum maces) or special tentacles attack.
MV: 30 (90), ML: 8, saves: wizard lv5
AL: chaotic punctual

Special tentacles attacts:
  • Strangle: save vs breath weapon to avoid being grab by a flow of tentacles. Inflict 1d6 dmg by rounds. Make a open door test by round to get free. 
  • Mind adjustment: instead of strangling it victim the cuckoo clock squid can try to adjust his or her mind like a clock. This inflict 1d6 dmg (only 1 if the squid is not in combat). The operation take 1 round by adjustment.  
  • Puncture: 1d6 ranged attacks that inflict 1d4 dmg. (range: throwing axe) 

Brain adjustments:
  • Transfer 1 point of mental stats to a other mental stat (WIS, INT, CHA)
  • Transform 2 points of mental stats into 1 point of physical stats. 
  • Lower or raise initiative by 1.
  • Implant suggestion. (save against it only when it trigger). 
A adjusted mind make a saving throw each day. A passed save restablish one adjustment. The mind malfunction on a natural 1 and trigger a nervous habit and delusion.

Cuckoo Clock effects:
Each time the cuckoo clock strike the hours it trigger a specific magical effect.

The effect last until the next hour.
  1. Cast Animate dead or object 
  2. Dispel magic (affect magical items until the next hour). 
  3. The clock doors open and throw a cloud of ink (save or get blinded for 1 hour) 
  4. Tentacles emerge from the cuckoo doors. Grant 1 extra special tentacles attack each round. 
  5. Curse: can only speak when the hour strike. (or other bird, squid or clock related curses) 
  6. Summon 1d6 HD of random monsters (1 to 6 monsters). 
  7. Slow time for 7 rounds. 
  8. Cast Confusion 
  9. A beautiful jeweled cuckoo egg emerge from the clock, save to avoid being charmed by the egg. If charmed you can kill to keep your egg. Egg is worth 1d6x100 gp. 
  10. Clockwork upgrade: the cuckoo clock squid gain +1 to hit & dmg and +2AC. 
  11. Summon a magical object, if someone take it save against Quest spell. 
  12. Cast Create food and wine 
  13. The clock doors open and throw 6 poisonous darts (save or die in 1d6 turns) 
  14. Insert cuckoo song in your mind: save or take 1 dmg and get a penalty of 2 to all tests. 
  15. Cast area of effect Hold person. 
  16. Spawn 1d6+1 clockwork cuckoos (1HD, 1d4 dmg, AC14) 
  17. Tell 5 dark secrets 
  18. Answer 6 questions 
  19. Cast Darkness 
  20. Cast sleep 
  21. Control dreams (area of effect: small town) 
  22. Cast a area effect illusion. 
  23. Cast invisibility. 
  24. Open portal to a random location or chaos plane (close after the clock strike the hours)
Note: the hours effects could use some more work. 

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