Monday, August 1, 2016

The Doodle Factory In The Skies!

I made a new doodle zine: The Doodle Factory In The Skies!

I took the drawing jam session I made with my friend Melissa and I upgraded the initial 7 pages we made together to a nice 26 pages of illustrations. This give something very gonzo.

"The doodle factory in the skies is a collection of 20 illustrated floating locations. Each location is described by a set of 6 (or more) illustrations. The book is usable as a point crawl adventure or setting. (There is no game system statistics)."

Its like a collection of random tables made with over 160 illustrations.

Everything is in color in the style of the Doodle Temple, so the zine is a little bit expensive. (Look for LULU coupons online).

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  1. It took a while but now I've got the PDF! Such awesomeness! This would be a very strange campaign setting: A world made of flying objects in the void. A chaotic-limbonic vortex of epic weirdness! :D

  2. this is so awesome . this very strange too . visit here .

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