Friday, March 4, 2016

Random cultural influences for dungeon building

While I visited the Pompeii exhibition in Montréal I noted that many of the Pompeii artefacts bear the mark of other culture influences (especially by Egypt). I thought that this was rarely depicted in dungeons, like for a exemple the ruins of a dwarf fortress often only feature pure dwarven stuff. But it could be interesting to inject some cultural influences from other fantasy cultures and races. Like including a dwarven room containing furniture influenced by elven or kuo-toa art.

So when you build a dungeon linked to a race or a culture, you can roll a d6 for each rooms to see if the room contain some elements influenced from other cultures (could be a 1 chance on a d6)

The room contain (d6):
  1. Architectural elements or furniture (can define the room function) 
  2. Common everyday items or tools (include food, weapons and armors)
  3. Artwork, music instruments, luxury goods, erotic art (treasures)   
  4. Science or craft work, item or books (can include a trap or trick)
  5. Religious, philosophy or magical work, item or books (can include a trap or trick)
  6. Individuals (npc) or a npc self representations (portraits, sculptures, etc...)  

Influenced by (d6):
  1. A lost civilization (near ruins) 
  2. A allied race or nation
  3. A distant trading race or nation 
  4. A sworn enemy, traitor or competitor race or nation (forbidden stuff)
  5. Former (or current) lord or vassal race or nation (also forbidden if slaves) 
  6. Foreign & exotic race or nation of a opposed or very different nature

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