Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Hollow Hermit

A man who was once able to walk between worlds have lost everything. After a long voyage, back in his homeland, he tried to meditate to feel again the touch of the other worlds. But he only felt emptiness... Lost in his meditation he became a portal to the hollow world. Now he generate hollow matter and hollow goblins who play with hollow yoyos and who cause a lot of problems by absorbing stuff.  
Adventurers must stop the hermit meditation before he generate too much hollow matter and create more hollow creatures. 

If someone gently touch his skin with their bare skin: roll a reaction test. 
On a very bad result he implode and everyone in a radius of 2d6x5 units must save vs breath weapon to avoid being suck into the hollow world.
On a very good result he cry and close all the holes created by the hollow matter. The hollow creatures become normal creatures eager to learn and to have new experiences. 
On a bad or good reaction the hollow creatures hesitate for d6 rounds (they only defend themselves). Other results have no effects.

Killing the hollow man stop the flow hollow matter and the hollow creatures will loose 1hp by hour until they die, leaving empty husks.

Hollow man: as a cleric two level above the group level. 
He can't cast any spells but he can empty himself to summon more hollow matter.
While connected to the hollow world he regenerate 1d3 hp by round by slowly draining matter and emotions around him. 
Magic resistance: 2% by hit points (the spell is suck in a hole)

Hollow matter creation: by taking 1d6 dmg he can create a 1HD hollow creature.
For each additional d6 dmg he take, he can summon creature with a additional HD up to his own level. 
Or he can take 1 point of dmg to make a hollow matter attack (he can do up to 3 hollow attacks by round). Hollow matter creatures have a magic resistance of 2% by current hit points.

Hollow matter: being hit by hollow matter cause d6 dmg and destroy one point of AC. 
Plus the target must save VS death to avoid feeling the emptiness of the hollow world. 
On a failed save the target feel empty and is infected by a hole connected to the hollow world that drain 1 of his hit point each day (natural healing still occur).
This hole work like a bag of holding. But you have 1 chance on 6 of pulling back a 1/2 HD hollow creature instead of the wanted object. (make a reaction test to see the hollow creature behavior). 
Someone who die by hollow matter drain vanish and only leave a hole behind.

Hollow goblins:
Number encountered: start with 1d4+1 but augment the die after each goblin encounter or after each day.
HD: 1
Armor: none
To hit: -2 to hit during the first round since their senses suck outside of the hollow world.

  • Hollow yoyo: d4 hollow matter dmg. Range: as a throwing axe.
  • Hollow touch: d6 hollow matter dmg.

Magic resistance: 2% by hit points (the spell is suck in a hole)

Treasures: you can risk putting your hand in their holes to find stuff that was absorbed in the hollow world...

If doing so Roll a d12:

  1. Something suck you in: save VS death to avoid being suck into the hollow world. 
  2. Something alive: you pullout a 1/2 HD hollow creature, for 1d6 rounds 1d4 of it siblings follow it out. (test reaction)
  3. Someone or something is touching you: roll a reaction test to see how it is touching you... 
  4. d6 useless objects 
  5. Something big that you can't pull out
  6. Something useful like a tool or a weapon 
  7. Coins worth 3d6 GP   
  8. Something precious: a crafted item worth d20x10 GP 
  9. Gem: a single gem worth d100 x 10 GP, on a 01 or 00 results something want it back... 
  10. Minor magic item stuck in something gooey (open door or other tricks to pull it out) 
  11. Sculpted hollow sphere that can contain something abstract 
  12. Something totally alien that is not harmful right now, but can be dangerous later.

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