Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Trimorphic nomadic lizard tribe

Females: walk upright, craft tools, use weapons and armors. They are warriors & nurses. They like to smoke marshes herbs in pipes. Some of them leave the tribe to become lonely ronins.

Males: hound like, wear cloth, talk a lot, can smell the ancestral trails to guide the tribe during their migrations. They are good at tracking & charging. Some of them become lonely rangers if they loose their favorite mate.

Great Mothers: when females or males grow old they keep growing up and become bi-gendered great or grand mothers that remember the tribe's ancestors. They mate together and lay rare eggs that are reincarnations of their ancestors.

Re-hatched Ancestors: males or females born from the grand mothers, they remember their past lives and become shamans. They like to wear feathers.

Empty ones: when re-hatched ancestors grow old they forget everything and become mindless giant monster that the tribe must appease or kill. Re-hatched ancestors often leave the tribe or commit ritual suicide when they grow old and start to forget everything.
  • Female breed with males to lay eggs.
  • Grand Mothers breed with other tribes's grand mothers to lay ancestors eggs. 
  • All of them are cannibals, they eat their fallen to eat and preserve their memories. 
  • The tribe don't craft their swords, they value trading for them a lot. They have a lot of respect for swords holders and crafters. 

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BelatedGamer said...

I'm looking forward to the rules, this race is fascinating, especially how the males and females are so different.