Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Print on demand for my zines

Hey I got my review copy of the Doodle Temple.
There was a error on the cover, but I have corrected it and everything is fine now. émoticône smile
I like the result. The staple binding is ok, but the perfect binding look better. 

I have also added Gormand's Larder to the Lulu store. 

I tried to keep the prices near the minimum, the color printings are expensive, but it would be way too expensive for me to print everything myself and to post copies. (The PDF versions are still free on my blog)
(Players handout PDF for the Doodle Temple)


  1. I'd love to buy this but money is really tight right now, maybe in the future!

  2. There are coupons for LuLu. SAVE30 and LULURC. They change them often but one can usually find at least 20% off. ORDERED!!!